Ramblers are a true Cinderella

The Hot Corner column: When you think of March Madness, it won't take you long to think of all the Cinderellas who have come and gone, and all the Cinderellas who are yet to be. If you google Cinderellas and March Madness, you may come across this article a CBS article ranking the 25 best Cinderella stories in March Madness.


Twenty-five Cinderellas is a lot of glass slippers, and only scratches the surface of the March Madness Cinderella. Every March it seems a team gets bestowed the title of Cinderella, but Loyola has truly captured that title this season.  

Before the season started Loyola was not projected to do much, as they were ranked third in the Missouri Valley Conference in a Nov. 2017 Mid-Major Madness article. 

When Loyola made the tournament, only 5532 submitted brackets in the Capital One Bracket Challenge Game had Loyola reaching the Final Four, which is less than one percent. 

When Loyola graced the NCAA tournament with their presence they had few households names—at least to the average fan, like me. Even die-hard fans—such as Sister Jean—had Loyola's run ending after the Sweet Sixteen. 

However, Loyola embraced the role of Cinderella and danced their way past No. 6 Miami, No. 3 Tennessee, No. 7 Nevada and No. 9 Kansas. Much like a real life Cinderella, the story wouldn't be completed without some last second magic, which Loyola has done with three last second wins. 

Loyola has also moved past many of the other Cinderellas in recent years, and a majority of the Cinderellas on CBS' aforementioned list. Making it to the Final Four is no easy feet, and the 2018 Loyola team joins the company of VCU (2011), George Mason (2006) and LSU (1986) as the only No. 11 seeds to make it to the Final Four, according to March 10 Betfirm article. 

Loyola is not be the greatest Cinderella story of all time, but they fit the mold, and embody what a Cinderella should be. Moreover, every good Cinderella has a fairy god mother, and sister Jean seems to fit the bill.