Stop the doomsday clocks, it has been four games

The Hot Corner column: Just four games into the MLB season the Cubs have found themselves at 2-2. For most it would be considered a respectable start, but the Cubs dropped two games to the Marlins and at times played poorly. 

While I enjoy making outrageous speculations during the beginning of the season—such as Matt Davidson hitting 486 home runs this season—but we all know we can learn nothing from the first week of play.

 Archived photo

Archived photo

This unfortunately, has not applied to peoples' reaction for the Cubs opening series. After splitting the four game series to the Marlins—who ranked last in ESPN's 2018 MLB power rankings—fans and analysts were less than chipper with the Cubs play. 

Part of the post game content after the Cubs game featured hosts David Kaplan and David DeJesus talking about the teams' play, wondering how they lost two games to a team without Giancarlos Stanton, Christian Yelich or any of the other players who were shipped out of time. 

In the hecklers defense the Cubs squandered some opportunities throughout the series, including two chances to win the game in the March 30, 17 inning marathon. Cubs' starting pitchers also struggled to go the distance and exited early and often. Only Kyle Hendricks and Jose Quintana lasted six innings, and Quintana allowed six runs. 

Even with all the Cubs shortcomings this past week, it is still way too early to judge the teams' performance, it is actually down right ridiculous. If the first week of the season meant anything to anybody, the White Sox are heading to the World Series and the Padres are going to lose every game. 

Each season this questions drifts into fans minds. But it still remains, when do you actually learn the legitimacy of your team? And each season the questions remains the same, not until May or early June.

I am not saying the Cubs are going to be good or bad this season, and having the bullpen pitch more innings than starts is a good sign. But please, do not judge your team until the weather is warm.