If you are not watching the World Cup, you should be

The Hot Corner column: My only experience with soccer is through playing FIFA, I could not name more than five players in the World Cup and I do not have a deep understanding of the rules. But the World Cup is can not miss action. 

This years World Cup already features multiple stoppage time goals and a hat trick. The world class play is only amplified by the throngs of passionate fans. And the World Cup is keeping in tune with the prevailing sports storyline of the underdogs making a name for themselves.  

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Of the six teams with the highest odds to win the World Cup, only two have won their opening matches, according to Odds Shark.

Teams such as Mexico, who knocked off defending champion Germany, and Iceland, who drew with Argentina, have provided moments that rival the 2014 World Cup. Other teams such as the host country, Russia have found winning ways in front of home support, despite the fact they had zero wins in the few months leading up to the World Cup. 

Even with all the action the World Cup has provided so far, there is much more to come. No teams have clinched their groups, and the knockout stage has yet to begin, which is where teams like Mexico have a chance to break curses. 

This years World Cup also provides excitement for all types of sports fans.  

My sports allegiances lie with the Cubs and Bears, and 1-0 or 1-1 finals are foreign to me. But England's stoppage time winner and Colombia's failed last gasp attack against Japan still have me buzzing with excitement. 

With just more than a week of games played the World Cup has provided exciting moments most fans can connect with,


You may not care about soccer, and at one point neither did I, but you may regret every match you miss, every goal scored and every corner kick taken. After all, the World Cup is the most prestigious trophy the world of sports has to offer.