Picking the first 10 spots in the NFL Draft

Quarterbacks and Crosschecks Columns: Okay so I haven't done seven mock drafts officially, but unofficially I have. So with the NFL draft fast approaching, it's time for the first official time, a mock draft. For this mock I’m going to do the top 10 picks, and I will do a full first round mock the week of the draft. We know teams will be trading up and down, but the question remains who. Alright here we go, mock draft time.

1. Cleveland Browns, Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming: Some people think that the whole taking Josh Allen thing is just a smoke screen, but Cleveland loves to go with the high risk pick. Allen worries me a lot, but the Browns always seem to gravitate towards guys with high risk, so I won't be shocked in the slightest if they take him here. They stick to their guns, even if it's a mistake, by taking Allen number one.


2. New York Giants, Sam Darnold, QB, UCLA: The giants capitalize on the Browns risky move by taking Darnold, a guy who elevates his team mates, handles the pressure better than anyone if the draft and make plays when it matters the most. This would be a dream scenario for the Giants, getting Darnold and having sit behind Eli for a year or two. 

3. New York Jets( from Indianapolis Colts), Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma: The Jets are taking a QB, the question is who. With Allen and Darnold off the board, they take the polarizing and fiery Mayfield, who could bring some flash and flare to the big apple. The Jets need a QB, Mayfield's not the best for them, but he would make the talk of New York once again. 

4. Cleveland Browns( from Houston Texans), Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State: With two picks in the top four, the browns have a lot of options here. But why not continue building your offense by getting your homerun hitter out of the backfield. Barkley can do everything, and will be a nice compliment to there QB of the future. 

5. Denver Broncos, Bradley Chubb, EDGE, NC State: The Broncos could reach for a QB here, but they like Josh Allen and he's gone. So they get the best pass rusher in the draft to pair with Von Miller. Chubb has a lot of power and agility. He's explosive and can help in the run game. Denver gets another guy to terrorize the AFC West for years to come.

6. Buffalo Bills( from Indianapolis Colts), Josh Rosen QB, Louisville: Yes I’m predicting a trade in a mock draft, but this trade makes a lot of sense for both sides. Indy needs to fill an entire roster, so they trade back and get more picks, Buffalo moves up before Arizona does to get there QB of the future. Rosen is the best QB in the draft, he is the most accurate, intelligent and NFL ready. But his durability concerns as well as his character issues are a real concern among GMs and coaches around the league. Buffalo gets a guy who can handle himself, can start right out of the gate and will bring a winning attitude into Buffalo. 

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama: The Bucs need O-line very bad. But here they go with one of the can’t miss players in the draft. They need safety help, and Fitzpatrick can tackle extremely well, cover, blitz and plays big in big moments. He will help provide a much needed spark to the Bucs defense. 

8. Chicago Bears, Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame: The Bears have there QB, and have added some weapons. They easily could go defense here, but Nelson is the second can’t miss prospect in the draft, and he will help protect Trubisky for years to come. 

9. San Francisco 49ers: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State: So in reality I don’t think Ward will fall this low, but hey you never know how things will shake out. The 49ers get the best corner in the draft, who has speed for days, great playmaking and tackling ability. They also could trade down, which is another smart option, but they stay at nine and nab Ward. 

10. Oakland Raiders, Derwin James, Safety, FSU: This guy is an athletic freak who can bring the boom. He can be that Kam chancellor type for the Raiders, but he can also move around and play anywhere in the secondary. Gruden elects to go defense here with his first pick as the new head coach of the Raiders.