Re-Drafting the Stellar 2017 NBA Draft

This years rookie class has been something to behold. It's not often when you find such a polished, poised and crazy talented group of rookies like this. This may very well be the best draft class since 2003. Which had some guys named Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, and i think those guys turned out alright so it's some pretty high praise. But as good as this draft was, a lot of the top stars fell father than they are showing, so with that said, it’s time to re-draft the top 5 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft.


  1. Philadelphia 76ers: Jayson Tatum, SF, Duke: In reality the 76ers took Markelle Fultz, and well so far that has not turned out well. But boy has Jayson Tatum turned out to be something special. While he isn't really in the conversation for rookie of the year, he has been one of the best rookies this year. His game is so fine and polished at so young of an age. At 6”8, he can shoot from three and mid-range, gets to the basket and has some silky smooth moves in him as well. He also can defend and has been doing so all year long. The Celtics have a young star on there hands, but could you imagine Ben Simmons, Joel Embid and Jayson Tatum on the same team? That would be something out of a horror movie for opposing teams.

  2. LA Lakers: Donovan Mitchell, G, Louisville: So Lonzo Ball wasn’t a bad pick by any means, and had an underrated rookie season, but Donovan Mitchell was just down right sensational all year. He lead a scrappy Utah Jazz team to the second round of the playoffs, including a win against Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round. For the season he averaged 20 points on 43% shooting. The Lakers would have been wildly intriguing if they would have drafted Mitchell but instead Utah found its star of the future.

  3. Boston Celtics: Lauri Markkanen, Center, Arizona: In reality the Celtics struck gold by getting Tatum, but sense the 76ers took him one in this re-draft, the Celtics take Markkanen who was underrated all year. He was a steal for Chicago at 7, and looks to be there star of the future. He is 7ft and can really shoot it, as well as play inside and can play with his back to the basket. He is also a really good rebounder, and is solid and improving on the defensive end. If the Celtics were to have added Markkanen, he would have been a really nice solid piece behind Al Horford.

  4. Phoenix Suns: Dennis Smith Jr, G, NC State: I like Josh Jackson, but thought he was more of a mid lottery guy. I loved Smith coming out of college, he is really explosive and really talented. For a very bad Mavericks team, Smith Averaged 15 points, three rebounds and five assists for his rookie season. But the most impressive thing was his shooting. We weren't sure if Smith was going to be able to make three’s in the NBA, but he has shot it pretty well for a guy who is wasn’t a great shooter in college. Putting him and Devin Booker in the same back court would make for one explosive offense.

  5. Sacramento Kings: Kyle Kuzma, SF, Utah: Lonzo Ball may have been the talk of the Lakers this year, but Kyle Kuzma was the best rookie for LA. Kuzma can play both forward spots, and can defend pretty well. He is a double machine, as he had 17 double doubles on the season. He would be a nice addition to a Kings team who could use a wing scorer and a guy who could can rebound. De'aaron Fox was a nice pick though, he just needs to learn how to shoot.