Baker Mafeild is Alex Smith, not Johnny Manziel or Brett Favre

QuarterBacks and CrossChecks: Baker Mayfield has been compared to a lot of NFL Quarterbacks. Some who turned out to be legends like Drew Bree's and Brett Favre, and others that turned out to be not so good like Johnny Manziel.

Throughout this process and now even after he was selected number one overall, people are trying to predict who he could turn out to be. Some think Manziel, others think Favre or Bree's and a few think Case Keenum. But I don’t think Mayfield will be any of those guys, as he lands somewhere in the middle of all of them.

The guy people should be comparing him to is none other than Alex Smith. Yes, you heard that right, Alex Smith. If you really sit down and think about it, Alex Smith is the perfect comparison for Baker Mayfield.

Yes, Alex Smith is taller and yes Mayfield has the better arm, but other than that, they are very similar. For starters, just like Mayfield, Smith was chosen number one overall, and also like Mayfield, the pick was quite surprising. The 49ers back in 2005 had the choice between two top QB’s. One of them being Smith, and the other was some guy named Aaron Rodgers, and well we all know how all that turned out.

That situation was similar to this year's draft where Mayfield wasn’t expected to go number one, especially not in front of guys like Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold. Smith was highly productive in college, as he ended his career with more than 5,000 yards passing and more than 1,000 yards rushing. He wasn’t quite as productive as Mayfield was, but still highly productive nonetheless.

Another similarity, is both were great athletes in college, guys who could run around and make plays. Smith does that quite a bit in the NFL, even though as a pro he is just a good athlete. Mayfield will be the same, a guy in college who could make tons of plays with his feet, and will still be able to do the same in the NFL, just not nearly as much as he did college.

The last big similarity these guys have is they are both careful risk takers. They both try and make big plays, yet they don’t throw interceptions. Smith doesn't throw a lot of interceptions, as he has only thrown 96 INT’s in his 13 seasons and counting in the NFL. Mayfield should be the same way, as he barley threw any interceptions in college, and it should be the same way in the NFL.

The last thing is Alex Smith wasn’t a bust like David Carr, Jamarcus Russell or Tim Couch. Nor was he a franchise QB like Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton. He lies somewhere in the middle, as a really solid starting QB that is always consistent wherever he goes.

I think the same will go for Mayfield. I don’t think he will ever be as good as Bree's or Favre, and he won’t be a bust like Johnny Manziel. But just a really solid QB for 13 plus years. That’s who Mayfield will be, not Manziel, not Favre, but Alex Smith.