Cavs Warriors Season 4 preveiw

Ahhh yes it is time for the fourth season of Cav vs Warriors, and really the season nobody wanted. Unlike shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine(which was picked up by NBC) and Constantine, nobody wanted another season of this. In Fact, if the Celtics had Kyrie Irving and the Rockets had Chris Paul, this would be a totally different conversation, but alas Cavs Warriors it is. So like with every TV show, it's time for some season predictions.


The Revival of Draymond Green: Has anyone seen Draymond Green? I mean ever since James Harden dunked all over him he has been completely MIA. Draymond Green is known as utility man extraordinare and tough and can play defense. Well he can’t dribble, shoot and he looks softer than soft serve out there. But don’t worry, I believe Draymond will be revived. How? I’m not sure, maybe he dunks on Lebron, maybe he blocks a shot or calls Lebron the B word again, but whatever way it is, it will be very Draymond esque.


Predictable outcome: Unlike Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, the series is very, very predictable. It has a very cookie cutter plot, and will show us nothing that we haven't seen before. The Cavs come in completely outmanned and outgunned. Infact, they are so overwhelming helpless that even with Lebron James they might not win a single game. JR Smith, Kyle Korver, Kevin Love and Jordan Clarkson are all a huge liability on defense, and George Hill and Tristan Thompson will struggle to score in double digits. All in all the Cavs might get one game, but we all know how this show ends, it ends with the Warriors partying in the streets after they win in a sweep.


A New Star rises: Like John Snow in Game of Thrones, and Leo in That 70’s Show, someone will develop into more of a main character. It took John Snow about 3 seasons to really become a big time character and it took Leo until the last two seasons to really breakthrough as a big role. The same goes for Klay Thompson, who has sat behind Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and at times, Draymond Green. But no more!! Thompson has been huge this postseason and will continue by being this years Finals MVP, yes you heard that correctly. Klay Will have a monster series while KD and Steph sit back and relax.

Bron’s Last Ride: This is LeBron's last stint in a Cavs uniform as he will surely be taking off. Just like Charlie Sheen( Charlie in Two and a Half Men) did, Lebron will leave and not return. Where will he go? Well that’s anyone's guess at this point, my guess is he will stay in the East and join “The Process” in Philadelphia. Win or lose, in this case lose in almost every scenario, James will be taking his amazing talents elsewhere.

No Renewal: Fortunately for fans of the NBA, this will be the last season of Cavs vs Warriors. The Warriors might return to the Finals next season but the Cavs will surely not. Even if Lebron stays, Boston returns healthy and Philly will grow stronger and the Cavs roster is so badly handcuffed that they will most likely not be able to add another star. So yes, this is the end, enjoy it while it lasts, which will not be for long, because this is the end.