Week 6 game predictions

The Bears are back in action, and so are our game picks. Has Blaise given up all hope of picking games correctly? The answer is yes, but the others might not have.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Dolphins

Blaise (10-14-1): Bears 24 Dolphins 13
Christian (10-14-1): Bears 14 Dolphins 13
Jake (12-12-1): Bears 30 Dolphins 17
Ethan (9-15-1): Bears 24 Dolphins 10

The Bears come in fresh off their bye week. I doubt Mitch Trubisky will throw for six touchdowns again, but that Bears pass rush is wicked scary. Miami also has been very turnover prone their last couple outings. That's bad news considering the Bears lead the NFC in takeaways.

Packers v 49ers

B: Packers 28 49ers 17
C: Packers 24 49ers 21
J: Packers 30 49ers 20
E: Packers 28 49ers 16

The Packers look lost right now, and Aaron Rodgers looks like he kind of doesn't care. This should be a given win though, considering how non interesting and not very good the 49ers are right now. Also, why is this game on MNF???

Vikings v Cardinals

B: Cardinals 28 Vikings 24
C: Vikings 35 Cardinals 17
J: Vikings 32 Cardinals 24
E: Cardinals 26 Vikings 24

My upset of the week. The Vikings defense still looks lost, as they can’t seem to generate a pass rush. Rookie Josh Rosen throws a pretty ball, and if gets time, he will make you pay. In a shocking upset, Rosen out duels Cousins by a hair.

Chargers v Browns
B: Browns 28 Chargers 20
C: Chargers 21 Browns 17
J: Chargers 30 Browns 24
E: Chargers 29 Browns 17

Baker Mayfield has given the Browns much needed life as he is now 1-1 as a starter, and probably should be 2-0. The problem with this game is Baker won’t be able to escape that pass rush from the Chargers, even without Bosa out. Philip Rivers always puts up numbers, and will do so even against a good Browns defense.

Buccaneers v Falcons
B: Buccaneers 35 Falcons 32
C: Falcons 42 Bucs 31
J: Falcons 35 Bucs 34
E: Falcons 34 Bucs 26

This should a fun one, or bad depending on how you view it. Jameis Winston is getting the start for the Bucs. Coming off the buy week Winston should be prepared enough, but he still is wildly inconsistent. The Falcons should win this game because Matt Ryan is the much better QB. But then again the Packers shouldn't be playing the 49ers on MNF football. Falcons escape….barley.

Eagles v Giants
B: Eagles 23 Giants 14
C: Eagles 2 Giants 21
J: Eagles 78 Giants 3
E: Eagles 19 Giants 8

Don’t you just love Thursday night football. Because I know I don’t, well mostly don’t. They have been a little better this year, but it’s still not the best football. This game might be the best all year, considering its between two struggling rivals. If the Giants were starting Odell Beckham Jr. at QB then my pick might be different. But as long as Eli Manning is throwing passes, the Giants are doomed.