Week 7 game predictions

It is hard prediction what will happen in the NFC North. As you can clearly see our analysts, expect Jake, are struggling to remain over .500 with their picks. So, here you go.

Prediction by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Patriots  

Blaise (12-18-1): Patriots 35 Bears 24
Christian (14-16-1): Bears 24 Patriots 7
Jake (18-12-1): Patriots 45 Bears 3
Ethan (12-18-1): Patriots 38 Bears 21

The Bears lost a tough game last week to a team they should have beat. It is a tough turn around having to play Tom Brady and that New England offense who is cooking right now. Trubisky is going to have to have a day to give the Bears a chance. This could be the biggest game for the Bears this season.

Lions v Dolphins

B: Dolphins 20 Lions 14
C: Lions 31 Dolphins 21
J: Lions 23 Dolphins 17
E: Lions 26 Dolphins 22

How ridiculously easy has the Dolphins schedule been? Besides the Bear game last week that they lucked out in, and getting trounced against the Patriots, it has been a cake walk. That remains the same this week as they take on the Lions. But Ryan Tannehill playing this week is up in the air, and I doubt Brock Osweiler is going to throw for 300 yards again.

Vikings v Jets

B: Vikings 27 Jets 10
C: Vikings 35 Jets 21
J: Vikings 24 Jets 17
E: Vikings 34 Jets 8

The Jets do not have the roster to compete with the Vikings. If the Vikings want to be considered a Super Bowl contender, they have to send a message by taking the Jets to the woodshed. They will do exactly that.

Bills v Colts

B: Colts 18 Bills 13
C: Bills 7 Colts 3
J: Colts 30 Bills 10
E: Colts 24 Bills 10

Andrew Luck has looked much better in recent weeks, and has a career high in completion percentage. But he is still turning the ball over at a high rate. Despite Luck putting up numbers, it has been the Colts defense who has risen up and has been much better than expected. If Luck is as good as everyone thinks he is, he should carry his team to a win. As for the Bills, Josh Allen may be hurt, but they signed Derek Anderson this week so Nathan Peterman might not start for a change.

Cowboys v Redskins

B: Redskins 38 Cowboys 28
C: Redskins 42 Cowboys 28
J: Redskins 28 Cowboys 21
E: Redskins 23 Cowboys 20

Did last week’s offensive explosion against the Jags make me a believer in this Cowboy offense? No, no it did not. Their play calling is still weak and mundane as can be, oh yeah and they still have NO WEAPONS on offense. Unlike Skip Bayless, I do not think they are going to win the NFC East because Jason Garrett is still a terrible head coach. Now that my Cowboy rant is over, did you know that Washington in their last 57 games is 28-28-1? Talk about mediocre. Alex Smith out plays Dak Prescott for a Washington win.

Eagles v Panthers  

B: Eagles 31 Panthers 24
C: Eagles 20 Panthers 14
J: Eagles 35 Panthers 24
E: Panthers 28 Eagles 21

This game is a must win for Carolina. If they want to be considered a contender, then now is the time. Their front seven is still good, and needs to step-up to the plate this week.  Philly is slowly starting to come together, but I have to be honest with you, they do not seem like the team they were last year. And I do not think they ever will be.

My biggest concern for the Eagles is their secondary, which is not good. They are going to need to improve quickly. Cam Newton, inconsistent as he is, has found his best completion rate so far and he is looking like shades of 2015 Cam. Norv Turner has done wonders for that offense, oh and Christian Mccaffrey is legit. In my upset of the week, Panthers by a touchdown.