Week 8 game predictions

After a strong week of picks, our analysts have more respectable records. Now we put it to the test.

Predictions made by entire staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Jets  

Blaise (16-20-1): Bears 30 Jets 27
Christian (17-19-1): Bears 45 Jets 42
Jake (23-13-1): Bears 24 Jets 17
Ethan (18-18-1): Bears 28 Jets 15

The Bears have now lost two close games in a row. They need a nice comfortable win against a Jets team with a bad o-line and a rookie QB. The Bears pass rush should get back on track, resulting in a Bears win at home.

Lions v Seahawks  

B: Lions 20 Seahawks 19  
C: Seahawks 27 Lions 14
J: Lions 28 Seahawks 14
E: Lions 20 Seahawks 18

The lions are now sitting at 3-3, and Matt Stafford has looked as efficient as he has ever been. Detroit has also found a running back in rookie Kerryon Johnson from Auburn. This game, between two top ten QBs, will be filled with run play after run play. I like the Lions to get the win at home.

Vikings v Saints  

B: Saints 35 Vikings 28
C: Saints 42 Vikings 41
J: Saints 42 Vikings 33
E: Saints 38 Vikings 27

The Vikings lucked out last year against the Saints, and they are going to need a lot of luck this year to beat them again. Despite Minnesota's defense being the best in the league on third down, they still don’t rush the passer well and they are still a little streaky. I would take Drew Brees over Kirk Cousins any day. Saints get revenge on Sunday night.

Packers v Rams

B: Rams 40 Packers 30  
C: Rams 45 Packers 20
J: Rams 52 Packers 35
E: Rams 45 Packers 22

The Rams are favored by 9.5 in this game, and in all honesty, that might be a little generous. The Packers are a bottom five team without Aaron Rodgers. This one shouldn’t be close, Jared Goff should have a field day against Green Bay's injured secondary.

Eagles v Jaguars  

B: Eagles 24 Jaguars 8
C: Jaguars 17 Eagles 3
J: Eagles 30 Jaguars 2
E: Eagles 26 Jags 16

Both teams are on a slide, but you have to think one of these teams is gonna pick up the pace. This is a must win for both teams. The Jags own London, and there are rumors that they may even leave for London. But the Jags have Blake Bortles, and that right there tells you all you need to know.

49ers v Cardinals  

B: Cardinals 17 49ers 13
C: 49ers 17 Cardinals 3
J: 49ers 24 Cardinals 17
E: Cardnials 17 49ers 14

I’ll take Josh Rosen to have a bounce back against a shaky at best 49ers defense. Watch out for Cardinal WR Christian Kirk, he could have a monster day.