Week 5 game predictions

Another week of NFL action is upon us, and our analysts are back making predictions.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Lions v Packers

Blaise (8-11-1): Lions 30 Packers 28
Christian (9-10-1): Packers 42 Lions 14
Jake (10-9-1): Packers 35 Lions 24
Ethan (9-10-1): Packers 38 Lions 17

The Lions’ defense is the worst against the run. The Packers can’t run the ball, which is a good news for the Lions, but the bad news is that they are going up against Aaron Rodgers. This game will be close in the first quarter, but from then on it should be the Pack in a blow out.

Vikings v Eagles

B: Vikings 24 Eagles 20
C: Vikings 31 Eagles 21
J: Eagles 28 Vikings 17
E: Eagles 24 Vikings 20

Both teams are struggling, and this could easily be the make or break game for both sides. This game depends on who you trust more, Carson Wentz or Kirk Cousins. I'll take Wentz coming of knee surgery of Cousins any day, but it will be close. Wentz gets it done in the fourth.

Broncos v Jets

B: Broncos 16 Jets 10
C: Broncos 14 Jets 6
J: Broncos 13 Jets 9
E: Broncos 12 Jets 8

The Jets have a Bad O-line, and the Broncos have Von Miller. This game will be tight because the Jets defense will stop a mundane Broncos offense. But in the end Sam Darnold turns the ball over to many times.

Falcons v Steelers

B: Falcons 42 Steelers 38
C: Falcons 38 Steelers 20
J: Steelers 40 Falcons 32
E: Falcons 49 Steelers 44
If you like the offense, then you’ll love this game. This will be a true barn burner. The Falcons defense has been decimated by injury, and the Steelers defense has more holes than swiss cheese. Calvin Ridley and Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster will have a field day. The Falcon's find a way to out score the Steelers.

Jaguars v Chiefs

B: Jaguars 23 Chiefs 20
C: Jaguars 17 Chiefs 14
J: Chiefs 20 Jags 14
E: Jags 29 Chiefs 20

This is the best defense that Pat Mahomes has faced this year. It will be a tough game where he will have to make the right plays and hang on to the football. This is the one game where the Chiefs offense won’t score more than 20 points, and that's a problem because that defense is brutal. The Chiefs drop their first game of the year.