Week 9 game predictions

After a strong week of picks, we can say that Five Three Sports is remarkably average at picking games.

Predictions are made by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Bills  

Blaise (21-21-1): Bears 28 Bills 17
Christian (21-21-1): Bears 10 Bills 3
Jake (28-14-1): Bears 5 Bills 4
Ethan (23-19-1): Bears 23 Bills 8

This another game that the Bears need to win comfortably. Buffalo is a tough place to play, but did you know that Todd Gurley has scored points than the Bills this season?

Lions v Vikings   

B: Vikings 38 Lions 20
C: Lions 24 Vikings 21
J: Vikings 24 Lions 23
E: Vikings 21 Lions 13

The Lions just traded away WR Golden Tate, and are slowly becoming more of a running team with the emergence of Kerryon Johnson. The Vikings are looking to bounce back after getting handled by the Saints. The Vikings need this win in order to be considered a contender.

Packers v Patriots

B: Patriots 35 Packers 28
C: Patriots 35 Packers 31
J: Packers 35 Patriots 33
E: Packers 38 Patriots 35

This is probably the most anticipated matchup of the year, as it features the games two best quarterbacks. Tom Brady has the better team and the best coach in the league. Brady also has been carrying a defense that gives up touchdowns like Oprah gives out prizes. It’s tempting to take the Patriots, but I’m going to stick with my guns. I’m going to roll with the best quarterbacks that has ever played, not the GOAT but the BEST, to knock off Tom Brady and company.

Jets v Dolphins    

B: Jets 20 Dolphins 16
C: Dolphins 35 Jets 13
J: Jets 12 Dolphins 10
E: Jets 14 Dolphins 13

The Jets have no wide receivers, a bad offensive-line and a rookie quarterback. But the Dolphins have injuries across the board, and are still sending out Brock Osweiler to command the huddle. I like Sam Darnold to show some moxy and get the win at home.

Saints v Rams

B: Saints 42 Rams 38
C:  Rams 49 Saints 48
J: Saints 49 Rams 40
E: Saints 45 Rams 42

I have said all year long, the Rams are the best team in the NFL and I stand by that statement. But no team has ever gone 19-0, and the Rams will continue that trend. The Saints are an elite offensive team, and will take advantage of an off and on Rams defense. This will be the first time all year that Sean Mcvay's offensive magic won’t be enough. Saints give the Rams their first loss as Drew Brees throws four touchdowns.

49ers v Raiders

B: 49ers 17 Raiders 14
C: 49ers 13 Raiders 10
J: Raiders 10 49ers 7
E: 49ers 18 Raiders 16

The Raiders are imploding rather quickly, and Gruden's hire looks worse and worse. And I think were all shocked more players didn't get traded. Kyle Shanahan is a really good coach who is dealing with a ton of injuries, but his team is still competing. The Raiders drama continues as the CJ Beathard led 49ers win the battle of the bay.

Chargers v Seahawks

B: Chargers 28 Seahawks 24
C: Chargers 42 Seahawks 28
J: Chargers 35 Seahawks 24
E: Chargers 31 Seahawks 21

The Chargers are a top 5 team in the NFL, and are only getting better. Phillip Rivers is an MVP candidate, they have elite weapons in Tyrel Williams, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. And their defense is coming together while getting some of their top players including Joey Bosa coming back and getting healthy. They are taking on a scrappy, tough Seahawk team who is trying to mask the various holes they have. Russell Wilson will make some plays in this game, but the Chargers have to much on offense.