Week 11 game predictions

Ouff, last week was rough. Even the powerful mind of Jake struggled to make game predictions. But we are trying this again, and are probably going to do better.

Predictions made by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Vikings   

Blaise (30-26-1): Bears 27 Vikings 20
Christian (30-26-1): Bears 24 Vikings 3
Jake (34-22-1): Bears 30 Vikings 17
Ethan (31-25-1): Vikings 31 Bears 17

This is the biggest game of the weekend. This game is for the division lead, and who ever takes it, will be and should be the division frontrunner moving forward. The questions coming in are about the two QB’s. Can Mitchell Trubisky throw against a good defense? And can Kirk Cousins wing a big game? We will find out all those things and more on Sunday Night.

Packers v Seahawks    

B: Seahawks 27 Packers 24
C: Seahawks 31 Packers 28
J: Packers 31 Seahawks 17
E: Packers 28 Seahawks 24

Thursday night games have been generally better this year, but it is still really hard to turn it around. I like the Packers in this game because of the emergence of RB Aaron Jones. He should be able to carve this Seahawk defense who is still trying to piece it together. This game will be tight as usually, but I like the the Pack on Thursday night.

Lions v Panthers    

B: Panthers 42 Lions 28
C: Panthers 45 Lions 10
J: Panthers 42 Lions 24
E: Panthers 35 Lions 20

The Lions are a struggling football team with a first year head coach who is trying to put the pieces all together. The Panthers are good and looking to rebound after getting beat down by the Steelers. Cam Newton will have a field day against this Lions Secondary.

Falcons v Cowboys

B: Cowboys 20 Falcons 14
C: Falcons 17 Cowboys 14
J: Falcons 27 Cowboys 24
E: Falcons 26 Cowboys 25

The Falcons struggled against the Browns last week, which is not a good sign. But except this offense to get rollin again as they face an unproven secondary in Dallas. The Cowboys need to carry the momentum of that big win against the Eagles into this game. This is another must win for the Cowboys, if there front seven is up to the task, they will have a chance to grab their second straight win.

Texans v Redskins

B: Texans 21 Redskins 20
C: Texans 14 Redskins 6
J: Texans 13 Redskins 9
E: Texans 27 Redskins 12

Washington has been just good enough. But I don't like that mundane offense against this talented Houston defense despite their lack luster play recently. As long as Deshaun Watson can limit the turnovers, this should be a cake walk for the Texans.

Raiders v Cardinals

B: Cardinals 10 Raiders 8
C: Cardinals 35 Raiders 7
J: Cardinals 21 Raiders 14
E: Cardinals 21 Raiders 13

Josh Rosen is looking more comfortable in the pocket, and he is slowly showing how good he can be. Did Johnson has also come alive for that Cardinal offense as he is starting to pick up steam catching a touchdown last week. As for the Raiders, they continue to fall apart and Gruden's offensive magic has yet to take effect. It will continue this week.

Chiefs v Rams

B: Rams 35 Chiefs 30
C: Rams 45 Chiefs 42
J: Chiefs 52 Rams 44
E: Chiefs 52 Rams 51  

If you like watching the big twelve, then get ready because this game is going to be the NFL equivalent and then some. I think more than 100 combined points will be scored in this game. The Chiefs defense is bad and the Rams defense is showing its cracks. I like the Chiefs in this one because Patrick Mahomes arm is just something else. This will be the best and most exciting game of the year. But Mahomes edges out Jared Goff in what could be a Super Bowl preview.