Week 12 game predictions

The mighty, unquestionable lead Jake built up is not a meager one game lead. That just adds an extra layer of drama to this games, along with the playoff implications I guess.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Lions  

Blaise (35-28-1): Bears 28 Lions 27
Christian (34-29-1): Bears 31 Lions 10
Jake (36-27-1): Bears 34 Lions 24
Ethan (32-31-1): Lions 24 Bears 22

Both teams are coming off big wins last week. It's a short week and both teams will be slow, sloppy and this game will be all over the place. Bears QB Mitch Trubisky was listed on the injury report on Wednesday, and we are unsure if he will play on Thanksgiving day. This might sound crazy, but I’m taking the Lions to upset the Bears on a short week as I don’t think Trubisky will play.

Packers v Vikings     

B: Vikings 30 Packers 28
C: Vikings 27 Packers 24
J: Vikings 25 Packers 21
E: Vikings 27 Packers 26

If the Packers lose this game, their season is pretty much over. The Packers running game has been better in recent weeks, but they need to feed Aaron Jones more than they did against the Seahawks. The Vikings are returning home after getting beat up in Chicago. Kirk Cousins should bounce back against a struggling Packers defense.

Redskins v Cowboys    

B: Cowboys 28 Redskins 21
C: Redskins 24 Cowboys 13
J: Cowboys 4 Redskins 3
E: Cowboys 16 Redskins 13

With Alex Smith out for the year, it's now the Colt McCoy in Washington. He plays well in high pressure situations, but his O-line has been decimated by injuries. The Cowboys can rush the passer and tackle very well. This will be a close game but I like Dallas to win.

Seahawks v Panthers

B: Panthers 28 Seahawks 24
C: Seahawks 23 Panthers 20
J: Seahawks 22 Panthers 21
E: Panthers 19 Seahawks 18

The Panthers had a bad game last week, capped off by a missed throw by Cam, which could have won the game on a two point conversion. The Seahawks are gaining steam and are the leagues number one rushing offense. I’m going to take the Panthers here, as I think they are just on a skid right now and are still a team that could make some noise down the line.

Dolphins v Colts

B: Colts 35 Dolphins 28
C: Colts 29 Dolphins 17
J: Colts 28 Dolphins 10
E: Colts 35 Dolphins 20

Andrew Luck now has thrown for at least 3 touchdowns in 7 straight games and has thrown more than 150 times without being sacked. The Dolphins are not very good except at running back. The Colts should roll in this one.

Titans v Texans

B: Titans 12 Texans 9
C: Texans 34 Titans 17
J: Texans 12 Titans 9
E: Titans 15 Texans 14

This one is hard because the Texans are on a streak right now, but they have some glaring holes that aren’t going away. The TItans are up and down a lot, but that defense is sneaky good. Look for the Titans to get after Watson and make him throw interceptions. The Titans gut out a win on Monday night.

Browns v Bengals

B: Browns 32 Bengals 28
C: Browns 45 Bengals 42
J: Bengals 42 Browns 30
E: Browns 28 Bengals 17

The Bengals defense is on pace to allow the most yards in a season by any team in NFL history. They are bad in every category even though they have some talent on that D-line. The Browns are coming off a bye, and Baker Mayfield and that offense have been looking pretty good the last couple weeks. I like the Browns to get the win and Nick Chubb to have a monster day running the football.