Week 13 game predictions

The playoff push is well underway, and teams could soon find themselves mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. A lot could be riding on these picks, including the coveted first place spot in game picks, which has been held by Jake Barrett for a really long time.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Giants   

Blaise (40-30-1): Bears 38 Giants 17
Christian (39-31-1): Bears 20 Giants 17
Jake (42-28-1): Bears 25 Giants 12
Ethan (37-33-1): Bears 21 Giants 13

The Bears might be without Mitch Trubisky for the second straight week, but their defense, and coach Matt Nagy, should be able to get them a another win without him. The Giants have plenty of skill position players, but that o-line is still terrible and you can’t trust Eli Manning at this point in his career.

Lions v Rams     

B: Rams 48 Lions 10
C: Rams 45 Lions 12
J: Rams 32 Lions 20
E: Rams 40 Lions 22

The Lions blew a huge opportunity last week as they couldn't beat the tired Bears playing with a backup QB at home. Matthew Stafford just can’t seem to find a groove, and they are to injured on the outside. The Rams should be able to sleep walk through this one.

Packers v Cardinals    

B: Packers 28 Cardinals 17
C: Packers 31 Cardinals 2
J: Packers 28 Cardinals 17
E: Packers 31 Cardinals 17

The Packers must win-out and get help in order to sneak into the playoffs. It is possible because Aaron Rodgers is just a real life wizard. But they have to go one game at a time, starting with an Arizona team who struggles to do much of anything. But if Josh Rosen can limit the mistakes, they could make this a game down the stretch.

Vikings v Patriots  

B: Patriots 35 Vikings 28
C: Vikings 31 Patriots 30
J: Patriots 24 Vikings 17
E: Patriots 28 Vikings 23

The Vikings are coming off a big win against the Packers, and now have to try and get an even bigger win against the Patriots. Unfortunately for Minnesota, Kirk Cousins can’t win the games he needs too, and until he does you can’t pick him to do so.

Eagles v Redskins  

B: Eagles 32 Redskins 20
C: Redskins 24 Eagles 20
J: Eagles 24 Redskins 20
E: Eagles 18 Washington 14

Without Alex Smith, Washington is doomed. They have to many injuries and Colt McCoy is too hot and cold. They have a just okay roster with an okay head coach and will remain that way the rest of the year. The Eagles need this win badly, Wentz should be able to handle an injured Washington defense.

Bills v Dolphins

B: Bills 24 Dolphins 17
C: Bills 6 Dolphins 3
J: Dolphins 5 Bills 4
E: Bills 19 Dolphins 18

Josh Allen has been solid wen he has been healthy. He has an absolute cannon of an arm and makes great throw after great throw. But he can also just miss every throw as we have seen. He hasn't had to do a whole lot throwing the ball as Brian Daboll has made it easy on him. He has also added another element to that offense which is his rushing ability. He ran the ball 13 times for 99 yards and a touchdown last week against the Jaguars. I’m picking still raw, but talented, Josh Allen to beat Ryan Tannehill and an up and down Dolphin team.

Chargers v Steelers

B: Steelers 28 Chargers 24
C: Chargers 45 Steelers 21
J: Chargers 31 Steelers 28
E: Chargers 34 Steelers 31

This is going to be a fun one. Two QBs who make mistakes when they absolutely can’t make them. Big Ben has to bounce back after making a critical error last week against the Broncos. Look for the Steelers to run the ball more with James Connor to give themselves a more balanced look.

As for the Chargers, even with Melvin Gordon missing some time, they have so much talent they should be able to overcome losing their star back. Oh ya, by the way Phillip Rivers is playing at an MVP level. I’m going to roll with Joey Bosa and that Charger defense to cause Big Ben to make that critical mistake and to give the Chargers a win.