Week 10 game predictions

Man look at those prediction records. We got a fine bunch of people choosing games here. So you might as well look at all our probably accurate picks.

Predictions are made by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Lions  

Blaise (27-22-1): Bears 31 Lions 24
Christian (26-23-1): Bears 21 Lions 10
Jake (32-17-1): Bears 32 Lions 24
Ethan (28-21-1): Lions 21 Bears 20

The Bears have won two straight and have been gaining confidence. Matt Nagy has this group ready for a second-half push. The Bears are the better team without a doubt here, but I can’t pick them till they prove they can win in the division. Matthew Stafford makes more plays than Mitch Trubisky to give the Lions the win on the road.

Packers v Dolphins   

B: Packers 38 Dolphins 30
C: Dolphins 31 Packers 30
J: Packers 102 Dolphins 17
E: Packers 33 Dolphins 19

What a great game to get back on track for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers vs the Miami Dolphins led by Brock Osweiler and Adam Gase? Green Bay is a 9.5 point favorite, and I like them to cover the spread. But Dolphins RB Frank Gore will continue his strong season by running for a 100 yards.

Eagles v Cowboys  

B: Eagles 30 Cowboys 20
C: Eagles 24 Cowboys 13
J: Eagles ∞ Cowboys 0
E: Eagles 35  Cowboys 15

As long as Jason Garrett is the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, they will not win much. It is just hard to talk about at this point. They have a good defense, but man that offense is all over the place. Things will get worse because Dak Prescott and Jason Garrett are both getting extended. Eagles in a laugher on Sunday night.

49ers v Giants

B: Giants 19 49ers 17
C: Giants 7 49ers 3
J: 49ers 24 Giants 14
E: Giants 16 49ers 12
Again, how is this a Monday night game? Saquon Barkley will have over 200 all purpose yards in this game to propel the Giants to their second win of the year. 49ers QB Nick Mullens will throw three pics in this game. No repeat of that Thursday night magic.

Falcons v Browns

B: Falcons 24 Browns 17
C: Falcons 34 Browns 22
J: Falcons 42 Browns 3
E: Falcons 41 Browns 26

Myles Garrett has been really good this year. But that Falcons offense is insanely good right now. The Browns are not explosive on offense yet, as Mayfield is trying to overcome all the dysfunction. Falcons may have a ton of injuries, but the Browns won't be able to keep up.

Bills v Jets

B: Jets 24 Bills 10
C: Bills 3 Jets 0
J: Jets 10 Bills 4
E: Jets 6 Bills 2

Wow. Well this is the hardest pick of the week. Maybe the whole year. If Sam Darnold was playing then I would easily take the Jets, but he is out with an injured foot. If you plan on watching this game, breakout the comfy pillows and war blankets because this is going to be a rough one. The Bills could sneak out a win hear, but they can’t seem to do anything right at any position of the field.

Redskins v Bucs

B: Bucs 27 Redskins 21
C: Redskins 34 Bucs 31
J: Bucs 32 Redskins 20
E: Washington 22 Bucs 18

Sure Ryan Fitzmagic can make plays, but I trust Alex Smith more than I do Fitzy. Washington is just an average team, but they are playing against a TERRIBLE defense and have Adrian Peterson who has looked good so far this year.