Week 15 game predictions

It could be NFC North clinching time, but there are other games that are of interest I guess. So, we made a bunch of predictions.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Packers    

Blaise (48-36-1): Bears 32 Packers 17
Christian (46-38-1): Bears 31 Packers 10
Jake (47-37-1): Bears 2 Packers 0
Ethan (45-39-1): Packers 27 Bears 25

The Bears win and they are in the postseason for the first time in 8 years. The problem is Aaron Rodgers just has the Bears number. The Bears are the better team, and it’s not close. But Mitch Trubisky was really bad last week against the Rams and he was bad against the Packers in the second half in week one. The Bears should win this game, but I’m not going to take them because they have to prove they can beat Aaron Rodgers. Until they do so, I can’t take them to beat there rivals.

Lions v Bills      

B: Lions 21 Bills 17
C: Bills 24 Lions 10
J: Bills 24 Lions 13
E: Bills 20 Lions 19

I, like all of you, have know idea how Josh Allen has racked up 335 rushing yards in through the three games he has been back. He still struggles mightily with his accuracy, and he also has nobody to throw to. But his running style is working and he is built to take some hits even though he got hurt earlier in the year. The Lions on the other hand are feeling good after a win last week. This game is tough because there is nothing about these teams to love except for the upside of Josh Allen. I’m going to take the Bills as the Lions continue to be inconsistent.

Vikings v Dolphins

B: Vikings 28 Dolphins 20
C: Dolphins 21 Vikings 13
J: Vikings 24 Dolphins 21
E: Dolphins 23 Vikings 21

The Vikings fired their offensive coordinator after they stunk up the joint on Monday night against Seattle in a game they needed. But even though this might be the right idea, they are still way, way over paying for Kirk Cousins who still can’t win the big games. This week they face a Dolphin team who is in the playoff hunt after beating the Patriots on a miracle last second play. I’m going to take the Dolphins because they just find ways to win and they get lucky. The Vikings have not gotten lucky yet and seem to be unraveling and more people should be looking at Mike Zimmer for their problems.

Eagles v Rams

B: Rams 30 Eagles 10
C: Rams 50 Eagles 10
J: Eagles 30 Rams 28
E: Rams 38 Eagles 22

The Eagles must win out and need Dallas to stumble over the final three games of the season in order to make the playoffs. This is not likely though and the eagles really need to hit free agency hard and the draft to acquire the piece that they have lacked all year in order to come back strong next year. For the Rams they will bounce back after only scoring 6 points against the Bears on Sunday night.

Buccaneers v Ravens

B: Ravens 28 Buccaneers 17
C: Ravens 10 Buccaneers 3
J: Ravens 27 Buccaneers 24
E: Ravens 26 Buccaneers 15

If Lamar can go this game then I like the Ravens to win. Look the formula is working, they are a dynamic running team with Lamar in there and they commit to the run all game. They have a really good defense and the best kicker in the league. Tampa Bay has a brutal defense that is not good against the run and I don’t expect Jameis WInston to to anything against this stout.  Ravens defense.

Cowboys v Colts

B: Colts 20 Cowboys 17
C: Cowboys 24 Colts 23
J: Colts 32 Cowboys 10
E: Cowboys 19 Colts 13

The Cowboys will fall at some point because that’s just what they do. However, this is not the game in which this happens. The Colts are not a good consistent running team and therefore will be one dimensional in this game. Andrew Luck is going to be under pressure all day and he still only has one playmaker on the outside with T.Y Hilton. The Cowboys will take away the Colts best player in Andrew Luck and win a low scoring game.

Jaguars v Redskins

B: Jaguars 16 Redskins 10
C: Jaguars 30 Redskins 3
J: Jaguars 6 Redskins 2
E: Jaguars 13 Redskins 3

Wow, okay. So we have a Washington that refuses to look at Colin Kaepernick even though there two quarterbacks are Mark Sanchez who continues to be awful and Josh Johnson who looked good but we all know is just a journeyman backup. I really can’t begin to tell you how idiotic Washington is by not signing Kap even though they have a chance at the division. But oh well maybe next year. To the game itself, if you are planning on watching this game then you are a really devoted fan.