Week 16 game predictions

It’s a sad day. The second to last week of the season is upon us, and soon Chicagoans may have to be entertained by the Blackhawks or Bulls. Luckily the Bears clinched a playoff spot and we have a few weeks to pretend football will last forever.

Analysis by Ethan Anderson, predictions by all staff

Bears v 49ers     

Blaise (52-39-1): Bears 35 49ers 17
Christian (50-41-1): Bears 24 49ers 3
Jake (53-38-1): Bears 24 49ers 19
Ethan (48-43-1): 49ers 26 Bears 21

The Bear won the NFC North last week for the first time since 2010. But even though they will be playing in January, they still have a lot to play for these last two weeks. However, they have not been great on the road, and the 49ers are sneaky good at home. I’m going to pick the 49ers as my upset of the week because they will come out to play and the Bears will show up flat on the road.

Lions v Vikings       

B: Vikings 17 Lions 12
C: Vikings 31 Lions 28
J: Lions 25 Vikings 24
E: Vikings 28 Lions 21

The Vikings need this game, and the Lions are just playing for pride at this point. Look for Dalvin Cook to have another big game on the ground as he was able to get in a groove last week. Kirk Cousins will out duel Matt Stafford and the Vikings will stay alive in the Wild Card race.

Packers v Jets

B: Packers 24 Jets 13
C: Jets 17 Packers 14
J: Packers 31 Jets 21
E: Packers 20 Jets 19

The question is, will the Packers shut Rodgers down or will he play the rest of the season? I would be surprised if he plays this weekend but for now he is slated to play. I'll take the Packers even if Rodgers doesn't play, but don’t sleep on the Jets. Their defense is underrated and Sam Darnold has been really good these last couple weeks. Look for the Jets to keep this one close but the Pack will come out on top.

Eagles v Texans

B: Eagles 34 Texans 30
C: Texans 42 Eagles 28
J: Eagles 42 Texans 28
E: Eagles 30 Texans 28

Everyone is on this Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz bandwagon. But let me just ask you this, have you ever noticed that Doug Pederson and his staff game plan much more for Nick Foles than Carson Wentz? Well if you haven’t you should pay more attention because it’s true. Wentz doesn’t get a lot of this free offense help like Foles does. With that said I like the Eagles because that D-line is starting to heat up and the Texans O-line is awful. Eagles stay alive in the playoff hunt.

Redskins v Titans

B: Titans 28 Redskins 20
C: Titans 35 Redskins 10
J: Titans 5 Redskins 0
E: Titans 18 Washington 3

Congrats to Josh Johnson on getting his first career NFL win last week. This week though, Derrick Henry will continue to feast and Marcus Mariota will continue to throw monster blocks. This a very physical Titan defense and it will be tough for Washington to get any points.

Ravens v Chargers

B: Ravens 24 Chargers 23  
C: Chargers 23 Ravens 16
J: Chargers 32 Ravens 28
E: Chargers 24 Ravens 14

Lamar Jackson has sparked this Ravens team as everyone around him has instantly become better and are playing harder. The problem for the Ravens is the last five weeks they have faced the worst run defenses in the league. The Chargers are the most complete team in the league and they will be handle this dynamic run attack that the Ravens have.

Chiefs v Seahawks

B: Chiefs 30 Seahawks 21
C: Seahawks 24 Chiefs 10
J: Seahawks 32 Chiefs 31
E: Seahawks 31 Chiefs 27

This is going to be the game of the week. The Chief's defense in one of the worst run defenses in the league and they are going up against the league's top rushing attack in the Seahawks. Patrick Mahomes is going to have to play mistake free football in order for the Chiefs to win, and I don’t trust him to do that. Remember, Mahomes is flashy, fun and is an amazing talent. But, just like Brett Favre, he will try to make that play that could lose the game.