Week 14 game picks

The final weeks of the NFL season, we must enjoy it while we can. Luckily we still have the playoffs.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Rams    

Blaise (43-34-1): Rams 35 Bears 34
Christian (42-35-1): Bears 38 Rams 33
Jake (45-32-1): Rams 35 Bears 31
Ethan (42-35-1): Rams 31 Bears 17

All signs point to Mitchell Trubisky suiting up for the first time in two weeks. Even if he does play, the Rams are just the better football team. The Bears defense will keep it fairly close and the weather will be a factor, but the Rams are a totally different animal the Bears are not ready for.

Lions v Cardinals      

B: Lions 28 Cardinals 20
C: Cardinals 10 Lions 7
J: Lions 17 Cardinals 10
E: Cardinals 21 Lions 20

I like Josh Rosen’s growth, as he made some nice place in a win last week against the Packers on the road. I also like the running back duo of David Johnson and Chase Edmunds for Arizona. On top of all that the Lions are as streaky as they come, injured at there skill positions and might need to completely overhaul the team at the end of the year. I like Josh Rosen to get his fourth carrer win.

Packers v Falcons

B: Packers 38 Falcons 30
C: Falcons 24 Packers 20
J: Falcons 35 Packers 30
E: Packers 28 Falcons 24

The Packers just fired their head coach and seem like they have mailed it in for the season. But they still have Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones in the backfield to makes some plays. I would pick Atlanta, but there offense has been so up and down this year I just can’t trust them. So for that reason I’m going to take number 12 in green and yellow to get the Packers there fifth win of the year.

Vikings v Seahawks   

B: Seahawks 28 Vikings 17
C: Seahawks 31 Vikings 28
J: Seahawks 28 Vikings 14
E: Seahawks 25 Vikings 21

I also like the Seahawks in this game. Russell Wilson is having as good of a year as he has had in a while. He has a running game that leads the league in rushing yards per game, with 150 yards. The defense is playing better and they are playing a Vikings team who feels like they are slowly steam and Kirk Cousins still hasn’t won the big yet.

Eagles v Cowboys   

B: Eagles 20 Cowboys 16
C: Cowboys 17 Eagles 3
J: Eagles 17 Cowboys 13
E: Cowboys 23 Eagles 16

The Cowboys are hot right now as their defense is eating opposing offenses alive. They still don’t have a good offense, which solely relies on giving the ball to Zeke and not turning it over. If they have to score in the 24 plus range, it is game over. They are in luck though because The Eagles still don’t look good as they seem like they are just trying to inch towards the finish line. Cowboys rely on the D to get there fifth straight win.

Giants v Redskins

B: Giants 30 Redskins 20
C: Giants 45 Redskins 24
J: Redskins 20 Giants 17
E: Giants 26 Redskins 14

Washington is going to start Mark Sanchez and his back up is Josh Johnson who is now on his 12th team. Washington is doomed and Saquon Barkley is scary good. The Giants keep winning even though they probably shouldn’t be.

Jets v Bills

B: Jets 13 Bills 10
C: Bills 42 Jets 3
J: Bills 24 Jets 10
E: Bills 17 Jets 16

Josh Allen has really come alive with his legs. Last week vs Miami he rushed for 135 yards on only nine carries. The issues throwing the ball are still very much there, but the dude can make things happen off script which is tough on a defense. The Jets continue to protect Sam Darnold who has  a foot injury and have stumbling through this whole season. I like the Bills to steal this win from the Jets.