Week 2 game predictions

Week two of NFL action rolls on and our analysts are back making game predictions.

Season prediction leaderboard:

Jake: 3-1
Blaise: 2-2
Ethan: 2-2
Christian: 1-3

Predictions by staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.


Blaise: Bears 24 Seahawks 20
Christian: Bears 31 Seahawks 17
Jake: Bears 30 Seahawks 24
Ethan: Bears 20 Seahawks 17

Yes the Bears blew a 20 point lead, but they were also playing Aaron Rodgers at home. This week they get to play at home in the Windy City, and the Seahawks O-line is awful. Khalil Mack could have another monster day.


B: Vikings 31 Packers 24
C: Vikings 17 Packers 10
J: Packers 31 Vikings 28
E:Vikings 24 Packers 6

If Aaron Rodgers plays, then the Packers will win. He’s Aaron Rodgers, he just makes things happen. The problem is I don’t think he will play, especially against this defense which knocked him out last year. Without Rodgers the Pack have no shot.


B: 49ers 35 Lions 17
C: 49ers 24 Lions 21
J: 49ers 24 Lions 14
E: 49ers 27 Lions 13

Okay so the Lions looked AWFUl against a bad Jets team. I like the 49ers and they are a team that is one the rise. But let's see how Jimmy G Bounces back after throwing 3 picks.


B: Eagles 28 Bucs 14
C: Eagles 2 Bucs 0
J: Eagles 56 Bucs 7
E: Eagles 35 Bucs 14

Fitz-Magic is back, but the Bucs defense is not. The Eagles D-line is scary good and there run-game was solid last week.

Jake’s analysis: #Fitzmagic more like #Fitzpatriarchy