Week 3 game predictions

Week three of NFL action rolls on and our analysts are back making game predictions.

Season prediction leaderboard:

Jake: 5-2-1
Blaise: 4-3-1
Ethan: 4-3-1
Christian: 3-4-1

Predictions by staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson.

Bears v Cardinals  

Blaise: Bears 23 Cardinals 20
Christian: Bears 45 Cardinals 7
Jake: Bears 30 Cardinals 3
Ethan: Bears 21 Cardinals 3

Mitchell Trubisky is still a work is progress, but that Bears defense is scary good. They lead the league in sacks and have two defensive touchdowns this season. The Cardinals offense is terrible, and I doubt they start Josh Rosen against this pass rush.

Vikings v Bills

B: Vikings 35 Bills 20
C: Vikings 35 Bills 0
J: Vikings 57 Bills 7
E: Vikings 38 Bills 7

Josh Allen made some throws in his first NFL start. But the Bills look worst by far this year, and they are playing arguably the best defense in the league in the Vikings. Look for Kirk Cousins to have another big day.

Lions v Patriots

Blaise: Patriots 28 Lions 24
Christian: patriots 23 Lions 17
Jake: Patriots 24 Lions 20
Ethan: Patriots 27 Lions 16

The Lions have been bad, even though they almost beat the 49ers last week. The Patriots defense concerns me, but they still have Tom Brady, so this is decision is pretty easy.

Packers v Redskins

B: Packers 36 Redskins 17
C: Packers 42 Redskins 31
J: Packers 40 Redskins 24
Ethan: Packers 35 Redskins 18

I like Alex Smith, but that defense didn't hold up great against Andrew Luck last week. Oh and there offense couldn't do anything all day vs a bottom tier defense. Aaron Rodgers, injured or not, should have a field day.

Eagles v Colts

B: Eagles 20 Colts 16
C: Eagles 31 Colts 16
J: Eagles 60 Colts 14
E: Eagles 20 Colts 12

The Eagles should eat Andrew Luck and his poor offensive-line alive and the Colts don't have a ton of playmakers outside, so the Eagles secondary could have a nice relaxing afternoon. Oh and the Eagles get back Carson Wentz, he will be rusty but it won’t matter one bit.

Bengals v Panthers

B: Panthers 28 Bengals 20
C: Panthers 10 Bengals 6
J: Bengals 20 Panthers 17
E: Panthers 26 Bengals 19

This game should be fairly close as the Bengals have looked the part so far this season. Offensively they have looked in rhythm and defensively they have been very good especially on the back end. But Joe Mixon is hurt, and this Panthers front seven is as good as they get. Cam and that new look offense will do enough to give the Bengals there first loss of 2018.