Divisional Round Predictions

The Conference Championship round is just a week away, see who stays, and who comes ever closer to a Super Bowl.

Eagles v Saints

Blaise (67-42-1): Saints 31 Eagles 27
Christian (59-50-1): Saints 45 Eagles 3
Jake (64-45-1):  Eagles 31 Saints 27
Ethan (60-49-1): Eagles 27 Saints 26

I’m just telling you all this right now. You can pick the Saints, and you can give me all the numbers, and all this other stuff about how they are going to beat the Eagles. And I get it, they are unbeatable at home and Drew Brees is having a career year. But my counter to all of that is just this: Nick Foles. The dude is a gamer and he is going to continue to game as the Eagles keep on flying high.

Colts v Chiefs       

B: Chiefs 35 Colts 34
C: Colts 31 Chiefs 28
J: Chiefs 49 Colts 39
E: Colts 35 Chiefs 33

The last time the Chiefs won a home playoff game, Joe Montana was the QB. I mean think about that. So as good as they have been at home, in the playoffs it's a different story. Pat Mahomes is legit as legit can be and that offense is ridiculously good. However, Andrew Luck is the man and he and that offense are in a groove. That Colt defense is also not to shabby themselves. I’m taking Captain Andrew Luck to lead the Colts to a big upset over the Chiefs.

Chargers v Patriots

B: Chargers 35 Patriots 31
C: Chargers 23 Patriots 22
J: Chargers 42 Patriots 35
E: Patriots 21 Chargers 14

The Patriots have many holes, like a lot. But Tom Brady has never lost to any of the remaining AFC QB’s. Tom continues to beat time as he takes down Philly Rivers in the snow.

Cowboys v Rams

B: Rams 24 Cowboys 21
C: Rams 63 Cowboys 0
J: Rams 32 Cowboys 27
E: Cowboys 27 Rams 24

You know, like Baker Mayfield, I’m feeling dangerous. I’m going to do it. I told myself I wouldn't do it but I think I’m gonna do it. I’m taking the Dallas Cowboys to upset the Los Angeles Rams and to set up an NFC East showdown at Jerry World.

First off, this will be basically a home game for the Cowboys as they do train in LA and have a lot of fans out there so it will probably be 60% Cowboy fans.

Second, Zeke Elliott is going to FEAST against this MIA Rams’ rush defense. Overall they are the 20th ranked defense and that is super disappointing considering all the talent they have.

The last reason is simply this, do I like Jared Goff? Yes I do, but do I trust Jared Goff? Not yet, and while I dont trust Dak either, he is the 2nd winningest QB since he entered the NFL right behind only Tom Brady. Cowboys pull this upset with a late field goal.