Wildcard round predictions

The regular season has boiled down to this point, and some teams will be packing up their lickers on Monday. See who our analyst think are going golfing next week.

Predictions by all staff, analysis by Ethan Anderson

Bears v Eagles      

Blaise (64-41-1): Bears 31 Eagles 20
Christian (57-48-1): Bears 42 Eagles 24
Jake (63-42-1):  Eagles 60 Bears 3
Ethan (56-49-1): Eagles 27 Bears 24

I want the Bears to win so badly, but I’m not making the mistake of picking against Nick Foles who gets hotter than the sun. The dude lights it up when it matters the most. The Bears have the defense, and the home field advantage. But the Eagles have Nick Foles.

Colts v Texans       

B: Colts 24 Texans 21
C: Colts 35 Texans 31
J: Texans 30 Colts 19
E: Colts 25 Texans 20

The Texans have the worst offensive-line in the playoffs by far. The Colts defense is way better than you might think and I’ll tell you what, Andrew Luck is showing once again. When he is healthy, the dude is arguably the best QB in Football. I like the Colts to beat their division rivals again.

Chargers v Ravens

B: Chargers 28 Ravens 24
C: Chargers 45 Ravens 17
J: Ravens 32 Chargers 31
E: Chargers 20 Ravens 16

The Chargers offense got wrecked by the Ravens defense the first time they played, but Philip Rivers is going to figure it out this time around. I also think the Chargers defense is going to shut down this Ravens offense as they have seen them already. The Chargers seek revenge against Lamar and company.

Seahawks v Cowboys   
B: Cowboys 31 Seahawks 27
C: Seahawks 10 Cowboys 7
J: Seahawks 30 Cowboys 24
E: Cowboys 30 Seahawks 20

Dallas has the defense, running game and are playing at home. Sure the Seahawks have Russell Wilson but I’m taking the Cowboys to roll into the second round of the playoffs and for Dak to get his first playoff win.