Super Bowl prediction

Well this is it, it was fun while it lasted, but the final show is upon us. Please don’t let it be the Patriots.

Blaise (70-45-1): Patriots 32 Rams 31

I wish I could say Jared Goff and the Rams can knock off the Patriots. But a red-hot Tom Brady, in another Super Bowl is too tall a task for Jared Goff. The Rams are a team on the rise but Patriots have too much experience in the big game, and I have little faith in the Rams’ defense to slow down the Patriots.

Christian (61-54-1): Rams 49 Patriots 28

I'm sick of the Patriots cheating their way to a Super Bowl every year. Between the bogus penalties and the other nefarious activities they partake in throughout the year, it's time to lay those old tired dogs to rest. I'm convinced it should be Chiefs-Rams but here we are. Go Rams!

Jake (67-48-1): Patriots 45 Rams 28

I am on record that there is a 0% chance the Rams win on Sunday.  I posted the question, are the Rams even a top 3 team in the NFC? I would put the Eagles, Bears, Saints (not in that order) over them in a heartbeat. The Patriots are just an aging win factory and I don’t think they are breaking down just yet. Tom Brady will dissect this poor Rams defense. Bill Belichick and future Dolphins coach Brian Flores (ew) will force us to ask many questions about the Rams offense, questions like: is Jared Goff too soft? Will the media be able to sell its Sean McVay stock quick enough to get some value? Should anyone watch a game the Patriots play ever again? Ugh.

Ethan (63-52-1): Rams 44 Patriots 41

The Patriots are favored, many people think this game might not be close and the Pats also have an enormous amount of Super Bowl experience that this young Rams team does not come remotely close to. But I want you to think back to last years Super Bowl, the Eagles led by Nick Foles were the underdogs, the team that didn't have a lot of experience. They proved us all wrong and beat Tom Brady on the biggest stage, and I believe the Rams will do just that. This game will be a lot like last years, an up and down track meet where both offenses can’t be stopped. That sets up for one defense to have to make a play, to make one stop. Last year Brandon Graham striped Tom Brady which ultimately proved to be the deciding factor for the Eagles as they became Super Bowl champs. Somebody is going to make that play this year, and while the Rams defense has been underwhelming to say the least, in the playoffs this defense has been tremendous. I except that play to me be made by this star filled Rams defense. Lastly, the Patriots dynasty started when Tom Brady and the underdog Pats ended what could have been a Dynasty in the “Greatest Show on Turf” St. Louis Rams. Now here we sit all these years later, where the underdog L.A Rams are looking to end the Patriots dynasty and start their own as well.