2018 NFL season Predictions

                The Chin Bin is taking a detour this week, as the first round of the NHL playoffs is in full swing. While were in between playoff prediction articles, we’ll take a look at a different sport altogether. As is sometimes said, it’s never too early for predictions and mock drafts. I’ll take a look at all 32 NFL teams and where they’ll end up this year in the standings. We’ll go division by division and break it down as to why I chose each teams individual record.

AFC North

Pittsburgh- 10-6

The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing with fire this year with Le’veon Bell and Ben Roethlisberger isn’t getting any younger. The defense has their core in place and AB is always a threat no matter who throws to him, so there still is some optimism but unless they draft like champions next week, the Steelers won’t be as good as they have been in recent years.

Baltimore Ravens 8-8

It seems that Joe Flacco is determined to be mediocre at best for the remainder of his career. Another year of the Ozzie Newsome regime will produce much the same result as it has the last several seasons.

Cleveland Browns 6-10

From zero wins to six in a season for a Browns team that is awful every year is quite the leap, but with the offseason moves the Browns have made and a hopefully successful draft this year, the Browns will find themselves out of the basement for the first time since 2010.

Cincinnati Bengals 4-12

Rejoice, Bengals fans, you guys have managed to go from bad to worse. At this point, a full on rebuild seems like the right move and all hope is lost this season. Way to find a way to waste AJ Green’s talent.

AFC East

New England Patriots 10-6

Yes, the Patriots still have TB12. He’s going to be 41. He will still play like Tom Brady, but his supporting cast and the team around him will be different than the team that got them to the super bowl. The reign of NFL’s top team is coming to a close, this year they’ll fall short of the super bowl. One of the positives for the Pats is the rest of their division is awful, so barring a miracle, they’ll be at the top of the division yet again.

Buffalo Bills 7-9

The Bills still have a shot, but they’ve shipped out a few key players and lost their starting quarterback from last year by their own doing, I might add. They get the luck of playing against their awful division, minus the Patriots, so they’ll be just under .500 this year.

New York Jets 6-10

The Jets pick up one more win than last year, but they’re in rebuild mode and they won’t be much better this year.

Miami Dolphins 0-16

I’m calling it. The Dolphins are in some serious trouble this year. Luckily, they have Adam Gase. That’s about the only positive. They hired Dowell Loggains to be their OC this year. So, every team can gameplan for a run, run, pass offense every series. Good luck. Dolphins are the new Browns.

AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

Blake Bortles lost all of his receivers this year. He can’t carry this offense and with 10 in the box, Leonard Fournette will have a hard time finding any holes to run through. The reason they win the division is because of their defense. The defense will carry this team into the playoffs again and maybe all the way to the championship.

Houston Texans 10-6

A tie for first? I guess so. The Deshaun Watson show is in full effect and everybody is eating it up! The defense takes a slight step back this year but if Deshaun stays healthy, it’s an interesting year for the AFC South.

Tennessee Titans 8-8

Well, they had one lucky year and made it to the playoffs, but this year, with a new head coach, they have some growing pains and don’t make it back.

Indianapolis Colts 7-9

This record only makes sense if Andrew Luck comes back and works some magic. The Colts need some major help all over the field and Andrew Luck or not, they’ll be in the basement this year.

AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers 12-4

Phillip Rivers isn’t getting any younger, but he has quite the core of guys around him. Finally, the Chargers are able to put together a full season and make it to the playoffs, maybe even the super bowl.

Oakland Raiders 9-7

The Oakland Raiders turn their woes around, as they shipped out some problem players and hired Jon Gruden, who is known for being a football guru. They’ll make the wild card because of great coaching and Derek Carr having a resurgent year.

Kansas City Chiefs 8-8

The AFC west takes a step back as a whole division this year. The Chiefs have an unproven QB in Patrick Mahomes, and there will be some growing pains for the Chiefs. They miss the postseason altogether and wish they had Alex Smith for one more year.

Denver Broncos 7-9

 Denver gets their QB of the future but with a lack of options, they’re forced to start him right away. There are some serious growing pains for the offense and the defense can’t carry them all the way. 7-9 is a generous prediction.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 13-3

They got better in the offseason. That’s scary. They have two starting caliber quarterbacks and a great coaching staff. Oh Boy.

Washington Redskins 8-8

They’ve lost their franchise quarterback and a ton of pieces on defense. However, they picked up Alex Smith and will make the most of him being their franchise quarterback. They don’t have all the pieces in place to make a postseason run but they won’t fail miserably.

New York Giants 7-9

The Giants make quite the turnaround by drafting well and Eli has a season to remember. The Manning era is coming to a close and the G-men fall just short of the postseason.

Dallas Cowboys 6-10

Dak Prescott was exposed last year in the absence of Ezekiel Elliot. Teams will learn how to exploit that and put 8 in the box for Zeke to deal with all game. The Cowboys fall short and leave fans disappointed again. #FireJerry?


NFC North

Minnesota Vikings 11-5

The division got better this year and Kirk Cousins is going to be under pressure to perform all season. The Vikings still win the division and make a run in the playoffs.

Chicago Bears 9-7

The Bears take year one with Matt Nagy and a ton of toys for Mitch Trubisky and make it a fun season to watch for Bears fans. Maybe they get lucky and get a spot in the playoffs, either way, its an exciting year for the Monster of the Midway.

Green Bay Packers 6-10

The Packers got worse. Aaron Rodgers makes miracles happen, but even he can’t carry this team. Things are uneasy in GB.

Detroit Lions 5-11

Matthew Stafford is the only reason the Lions make it anywhere and this year is not his year. The Lions never get off the ground and fins themselves finishing the season in the NFC North cellar

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 13-3

Another great season, another great run. If Alvin Kamara doesn’t get hurt, the NFL is in for a treat from the Saints this season. I see a super bowl run for Drew Brees final season.

Atlanta Falcons 11-5

They make it back to the postseason behind the offense in its second year under Steve Sarkisian and the defense gets a makeover. Look out, they might play spoiler to a high-profile Saints team like the Vikings did last year.

Carolina Panthers 8-8

The Panthers take a step back this year and miss the playoffs. Super Cam has more mood swings and poutiness than a toddler when things start going south in Carolina.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10

Believe it or not, I think the Bucs improve this year, despite only winning one more game than last year. Jameis Winston isn’t the QB of the future though and until Tampa realizes that, they won’t improve.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams 15-1

Good luck stopping them. That is all.

San Francisco 49ers 11-5

Talk about a turnaround. The Niners address their defensive needs in the draft and Jimmy G picks up where he left off last season, winning. The Niners make it to the postseason in a story of the year.

Arizona Cardinals 4-12

Sam Bradford gets injured. Mike Glennon is not a starter and David Johnson has nowhere to go with 9 in the box every play. Ugly season for a team that needs a lot of help. Sorry Larry.

Seattle Seahawks 3-13

They have the honors of being the worst team in the NFC this season. After a tumultuous offseason and too many players leaving, Pete Carroll see’s his last season as the Seahawks head coach. Russell Wilson can only do so much when he gets no help.