2nd round of the playoffs, more predictions! Just in time!

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                The NHL playoffs head into the second round tonight and the teams and rivalries become even more heated. While everyone likes to focus on the NFL draft, which also starts today, our writers hold no bias and take their picks for the second round!

Western Conference

Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators

Ethan’s Pick: Preds in 7

The Jets are flying high right now and they have a very explosive offense; however, goaltending matters and the Predators have the best goaltender in the West in Pekka Rinne. They also have who should be the Norris Trophy winner in P.K Subban. The Jets will make this one tough, but the Preds use their great defense and goaltending to get the win.

Jake’s Pick: Preds in 7

Nashville does a lot well and throws catfish on the ice. I don’t think I could name a Winnipeg player.

Christian’s Pick: Jets in 6

I know I said Colorado would win in seven and if they had Erik Johnson and Semyon Varlarmov they would have had a much better shot. The Jets are a physical team and they’ll wear down the Predators.

San Jose Sharks v Las Vegas Golden Knights

Ethan’s Pick: Knights in 7

Both teams come in after sweeping their first round opponents so they are both very well rested and have shown little weakness thus far. The Knights have the better goaltender in Marc-Andre Fleury, are younger and faster and have home ice advantage. Don't count out those old guys from San Jose though, they can flat out play and have plenty of experience. This one goes the distance, but I’m taking the guys from Vegas to move on.

Jake’s Pick: Sharks in 6

 San Jose has experience and Vegas is new to the league. There is NO WAY they get to the next round.

Christian’s Pick: Knights in 5

Although I think the Sharks are a good team, they simply don’t stand a chance against the Knights. The depleted Ducks were no match for the Sharks but the Knights will be overwhelming.

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins V Tampa Bay Lightning

Ethan’s Pick: Bruins in 7

The Lightning come into the series with more rest and more talent. In the postseason, what matters the most is goaltending. The Bruins have a great goalie in Tukka Rask. Andrei Vasilevskiy is no joke either but I’m going to roll with Rask, Krejci and the Bruins

Jake’s Pick: Lightning in 5

Tampa Bay is the best team in the playoffs because they score a lot of goals. Tom Brady dropped a pass in the super bowl, Nick Foles didn’t.

Christian’s Pick: Lightning in 6

The Lightning have the upper hand and better players. I would never totally count out the Bruins but they looked like they had a tough time handling Toronto and Tamps is much better than Toronto.

Washington Capitals V Pittsburgh Penguins

Ethan’s Pick: Penguins in 6

Ahhh yes, it is time for that yearly playoff matchup between the Caps and the Pens. This one should be as fun, maybe even more fun than the rest, as the Caps seem to be playing with an edge and the Pens are going for the three-peat. Ovechkin has been a beast so far this postseason, but the Penguins have a psychological hold over the Caps, not mention the best player in all of hockey. I’m taking Sidney Crosby and the crew to once again beat the Capitals.

Jake’s Pick: Capitals in 4

The Pens getting the Caps is disgusting, the league is trying to help Pittsburgh win. The Penguins are a very dirty and ugly team that should not have beaten the Flyers. Get that #3elieve hashtag out of here. Little known fact, THE EAGLES WON THE SUPER BOWL.

Christian’s Pick: Penguins in 6

We have all seen this storyline one too many times. The Capitals come in winning four straight in round one and they look dominant, however, they’re no match for Sid the kid and the Penguins. When these two teams square off, Pittsburgh always finds a way.


            When it’s all said and done, the playoffs are unpredictable and nobody knows what will happen! That’s what makes the playoffs the playoffs.