NHL Conference Final Playoff picks

The NHL conference finals are set and there are only four teams remaining. The Winnipeg Jets, Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Lightning and the Las Vegas Golden Knights. What a playoff’s it has been so far and we’re excited for more! Here’s Five Three’s picks for the conference finals.

Eastern Conference Finals- Tampa Bay Lightning v Washington Capitals

Blaise’s Pick: Lightning in six

The Capitals have never proven themselves to be a playoff powerhouse, and this deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs I can not trust them. The Lightning have a better offense, a better defense and a few years ago, they made it to the Stanley Cup Championship—where they lost to the Hawks.

Ethan’s Pick: Lightning in six

The Caps finally have found their way into the conference finals after an 18 year absence. They have been playing with an edge all postseason, but the Lightning are the best team here. They’re faster, have the better goalie and have proven themselves in the postseason before. This one will be close early, but the Caps cave and the Lighting advance.

Christian’s Pick: Lightning in five

The Lightning are too damn good to let Ovi and the Caps make it to the finals. This may as well be the Lightning’s year.


Western Conference finals- Las Vegas Golden Knights v Winnipeg Jets

Blaise’s Pick: Golden Knights in seven

The Golden Knights have been sitting and waiting for their opponent and are riding a wave of a emotion similar to the 1998 Chicago Fire.

Ethan’s Pick: Jets in seven

I have been a doubter of the Jets for awhile now, but they have me wrong once again! The series will be very interesting because both teams can light it up and score in a hurry. While the Knights have the better goaltender, the Jets have looked solid all year and they can light you up and shut you down like it’s nothing. This one will be close, but I’m rolling with the guys from Winnipeg.

Christian’s Pick: Jets in six

The Jet’s are the strongest team in the East by a long shot. A Tampa/Winnipeg matchup in the finals will be perfect!


The Five Three sports crew has made their mistakes this postseason, but what’s that saying? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.