An Open letter for Roger "Raj" Goodell

Dear Mr. Roger "Raj" Goodell,


I’d like to formally put it out there that you are terrible. Throughout your time as commissioner of the NFL, it seems that you have only found ways to make it worse. Your time in charge of the league has been mired in controversy, and you have failed to adequately handle the problem with concussions, domestic violence among players and National Anthem protests.


Unfortunately for everyone else, fans, players and coaches alike, that means football has focused on getting more viewers and not improving the actual game. The reason for this letter, Raj, as I will refer to you as from now on, is to inform you that you’re not cutting it as commisioner.


I’m going to highlight a few things that really get under my skin.


We can start with the infamous change to the catch rule. Why on God’s green earth did you make a rule that made the game more confusing to call? We’ll never know and can only hope the rule is returned to its former glory. Since the catch rule change, both regular season and playoff games alike have been negatively altered by this rule. Look no further than any Dez caught it post on the internet.


Then we’ll follow it up with my favorite part, your contract extension. In 2017, you signed a five-year 200 million dollar contract extension. I can not sit here and say you deserve even half of that. You make the sport worse, with frivolous rule changes and head scratching moves. You are bringing a decline to viewership, and you think you deserve anything near 40 million dollars a season? I’d give you a dollar; a single dollar because you constantly fail to improve the game or correctly handle controversies.


Finally, with a stroke of good luck, you fixed the catch rule, although that remains to be seen. What did you do after that? You made a rule that said you can not use your head to tackle. I acknowledge this rule was made to improve player safety, but is the wrong way to go about it. If the player leads with the crown of his helmet, give him a penalty. The rule leaves too much grey area to be misinterpreted—much like your previous catch rule.


To say that you can not lead with your helmet makes it impossible to determine what is and is not legal. It is going to be the most confusing rule to date and the calls are going to ruin games—much like the catch rule that has been a black mark on the NFL since its implementation.


The biggest issue I have had with you is your most recent efforts to “fix” the national anthem protests. First, it seems you have ZERO understanding of what the protests are about. You refuse to listen when anyone tries to tell you why they are protesting. It is absurd. Then comes the rule that was just approved last week.

Now, if a player intends to protest police brutality, racism, equality, etc, they can’t? If they protest during the national anthem, it is a fine to the team. What kind of sick joke is that?


While I appreciate allowing players to stand in the locker room and wait during the anthem, that’s the way it was pre 9/11. But changing the rule because you believe it’s disrespectful to the flag is a complete misconception. When it comes down to it, this rule limits a freedom of expression. You also have yet to find a proper way to police players who beat their significant others.


You are taking away players freedom’s and limiting ways they can express yourself so you can push your own agenda. Athletes have been protesting as long as sports have been around such as the 1968 Olympics where athletes raised their fists on the podium.


Overall Raj, I believe you have made the NFL worse and will continue to do so for the sake of your profit and your benefit, no matter what it costs the fans or the players and coaches. I’m waiting for Vince McMahon’s football league and I hope you soon resign.



Christian Peshek