Five Three's Stanley Cup Final Predictions

Since the Stanley Cup Finals are finally coming down to Lord Stanley’s series, Five Three Sports has taken the time to predict how it will play out! Will Las Vegas get it’s first Stanley Cup in its inaugural season or will the Washington Capitals finally take one home for the nation’s capital. Our experts analyze and break down who will win and why.


Ethan’s Pick

Knights in 6

The Knights will win. The Caps will not win. That is my analysis.


Blaise’s Pick

Caps in 7

There is a reason expansion teams do not regularly make the playoffs or make the conference championship or win a Stanley Cup. Because they do not have the talent to do so. They all run out of steam one day.

The Knights are clearly talented, but not as talented as the Capitals who have household names even causal hockey fans know. It was fun while it lasted but all good things must come to an end.


Jake’s Pick

Knights in 7

Who would have predicted a Golden Knights/Capitals Final?? Absolutely no one. Actually Bryce Harper predicted it on twitter about a year ago. Well Bryce, you called it. The Capitals are undoubtedly the more talented team, but as my partner Blaise clearly doesn’t understand (it’s okay Blaise, I will teach you one day) is that depth matters almost as much as talent, and the Knights have nothing but that. They don’t have a superstar, or really a star for that matter, just a bunch of solid players. They go four lines deep, and all four lines are great. In fact, the game winning goal in the WCF was scored by Ryan Reaves, a fourth line guy. Although the Capitals don’t have the depth, they do Ovechkin, Backstrom, Oshie and Kuznetsov. They also have Braden Holtby who has been playing well in net. The Knights have the better goaltender in Marc-Andre Fleury who should be the Conn Smythe trophy winner if they win the cup. This will go seven games, and Vegas should get ready to party even harder than they already do.


Christian’s Pick

Knights in 5

I have doubted the Golden Knights every step of the way in their quest for the cup. I suppose it’s about time for me jump on board and hope for the best. I can’t see the Capitals winning, nobody has been able to keep up with the Knights, not even the Jets. The Caps will have much the same problem’s the Jets did and the Knights will simply suffocate Ovi and the Caps, keeping the ever elusive cup away from one of the best to ever play the game.

There you have it, the Stanley Cup Final prediction from Five Three Sports! For Capitals fans, they better hope that Blaise is right in choosing the Capitals to win. Are you ready for the best series in hockey?!