Post Draft NFL Standings Predictions

                Two weeks ago, the Chin Bin predicted pre-draft standings for all 32 NFL teams. With a week away from the grind, the Chin Bin is now back and ready to give you a post-draft prediction of the NFL standings and who will come out on top. Not only will I predict the records for all 32 NFL teams after the NFL draft, I’ll also predict my playoff picks and who will come out on top next year. It’s never too early to predict what can happen this season!

For those who are avid NHL fans and love the Chin Bin’s take on the NHL, don’t worry, we’ll get back to that next week!

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7

There seems to be a lot of unneeded drama at Steelers camp post draft. With third round draft choice Mason Rudolph coming into the fray, tension seems to be on the rise in Pittsburgh. They still win the division, but they’ll take one more loss than originally anticipated.

Baltimore Ravens 8-8

I think the Ravens stay where I originally predicted, though the tension between Flacco and management after they took a QB in the first round doesn’t bode well for the Ravens. Hopefully, the defense bails out a hot and cold offense to give the Steelers a run for their money.

Cleveland Browns 6-10

Overall, the Browns had a solid draft and of course, they took the highest risk QB they could with Baker Mayfield. That is a typical Cleveland move and we can only hope that he doesn’t see the field this year.

Cincinnati Bengals 3-13

I’m making the Bengals one game worse. Honestly, who is running things in Cincy this year, a six year old? They managed to draft nothing and come away seemingly worse after their draft.

AFC East

New England Patriots 10-6

The Patriots stay right at the lukewarm 10-6 I had them all before the draft, however, they found their replacement for Dion Lewis and had a standard Patriots draft it seems. Again, the Pats have a terrible division, so they’ll come out on top.

Buffalo Bills 6-10

Buffalo took their QB of the future with their first pick by selecting Josh Allen and they also got the second best LB in the draft by getting Tremaine Edwards. Everything seems to be pointing to the future for the Bills, as they’ll have to wait to see Allen develop. The turnover at the cornerback spot will cause come defensive issues.

NY Jets 6-10

The Jets will come to a close tied with the Bills for second in the AFC East. It’s a wonder how long Luke McCown will hold down the starting job with first round pick and consensus “Best QB” in the draft Sam Darnold waiting in the wings. The rest of the Jets draft filled some needs but wasn’t as impressive as it could have been.

Miami Dolphins 0-16

The Dolphins drafted as if they knew they were going to lose every game this season. It’ll be interesting to see how Minkah Fitzpatrick gets used on defense, as he’s one of the most electric defensive players in this year’s draft. If there were forty games this season, the Dolphins would lose all of them. Don’t worry fin fans, when Ryan Tannehill gets injured again, you have the one two punch of Brock Osweiler and Bryce Petty waiting to take over.

AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

The Jaguars added another defensive line piece that will make their defense even more stacked than it already is, but I still think Blake Bortles is going to be an issue. They stay right where they were at because of the defense.

Houston Texans 10-6

I still have it as a tie for first in the South because Deshaun Watson will be electric. The Texans had a solid draft for not having a pick until the third round, but they still need some improvements if they’re going to get past Jacksonville.

Tennessee Titans 7-9

The Titans new offensive scheme to fit Marcus Mariota will help in the long run, just not this season. There will be some growing pains before they can right this ship, but they made great picks with the four they had in this year’s draft, focusing on a defense that really needed some help.

Indianapolis Colts 5-11

Quentin Nelson is a great first round pick and will be elite in the NFL. The Colts did what they could and came away with a solid draft, but that leaves a lot of inexperience which means a lot of mistakes. The Colts still have Andrew Luck, so they can expect to win some games if he stays healthy, but they’re going to need another year or two to really get going.

AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers 12-4

Who’s going to come out and beat the Chargers this year from the AFC west? It seems that the Chargers have been handed the keys to the AFC this year and only they can stand in their way from the super bowl.

Denver Broncos 9-7

What a turnaround a draft makes? Although they don’t improve too much, the pick of Bradley Chubb who will be paired with Von Miller is scary. Adding a huge target in Cortland Sutton will be helpful for Cake Keenum.

Oakland Raiders 8-8

I don’t think the Raiders did enough in their draft to really make much of an impact this season. They found the eventual replacement for Donald Penn and gave Derek Carr some new targets via free agency, but year one in Gruden’s scheme with the players they currently have is going to be a year filled with growing pains.

Kansas City Chiefs 6-10

I brought the Chiefs down a peg here only because they didn’t address their needs. The aging defense who lost a lot of players didn’t get fixed and young Patrick Mahomes will make his mistakes as a “rookie”.



Division winners: Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars and Chargers

Wild card: Texans, Broncos

The usual suspects make it into the playoffs with the “new-comer” Chargers in the front of the pack. The Texans may be able to knock out one of the top seeds, but ultimately, it willz come down to Jacksonville and Los Angeles, which Los Angeles will win as Bortles throws a costly interception to end the game.

NFS East

Philadelphia Eagles 13-3

They got better in the offseason and addressed “needs” in the draft, it’s going to be another great year for the Eagles.

Washington Redskins 9-7

The Redskins managed to have an average draft. Derrius Guice is a runningback that can finally be more than just some guy for the Redskins. They manage to go just above even and have a shot at a wild card spot. . . not.

New York Giants 7-9

The Giants stay right where they’re at. Yes, they got Saquon Barkley and a potential starter in Will Hernandez, but its still the Giants who probably need another year after the Ben McAdoo fiasco.

Dallas Cowboys 4-12

Boy did the Cowboys take a tumble. Everyone knows how to beat Dak now and Zeke will be losing his nerve with nine in the box every play. The Cowboys draft wasn’t great and they have too many issues to be a competitive team this year. Will Jason Garrett finally get fired? #FireJerry

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings 11-5

The Minnesota Vikings draft left a lot to be desired. Yes, they picked up one of the top corners in the draft, but he comes with some off the field issues which means we won’t see him but 10 plays in year one. They’ll still be a shut down defense and still have a solid offense, but I feel they could have had a more productive draft.

Chicago Bears 9-7

I’ll leave the Bears at 9-7 only because they had a solid draft. They found their perennial pro bowl linebacker of the future in Roquan Smith. They picked up some depth at offensive line with James Daniels and gave Mitch Trubisky another weapon by drafting Anthony Miller.

Green Bay Packers 7-9

The Packers end up right back where they were last season. They figured out the cornerback conundrum by drafting two of the top corners available, but that will come with growing pains and Josh Jackson looks like he’s going to need time to truly develop. Equanimeous St. Brown dropped all the way to the 6th round, which means the pack got a steal at WR, but a storm is a brewing up at Lambeau and it’s only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.

Detroit Lions 6-10

Congratulations Detroit, you got what you wanted. A solid draft and the ability to run the ball. . . hopefully. You wasted Megatron’s career and before you know it, you’ll have wasted Stafford’s career too.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 13-3

The Saints addressed needs in the draft and will easily make the playoffs again this year. If only Alvin stays healthy this time.

Atlanta Falcons 11-5

Stay right where you’re at Atlanta. You paid Matty Ice what?! Quarterbacks get paid WAYYY too much these days. Not the point though. The draft was solid for the Falcons and they’ll make the playoffs on a wild card basis.

Carolina Panthers 7-9

The problem is Cam, not the rest of your team. Good job getting him a receiver, but the Panthers are going to need to hire a motivational coach to follow Cam around in case anyone calls him a name.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10

Jameis Winston is not a franchise quarterback and although Vita Vea is going to be awesome, it was a bad pick. The Bucs have so many needs and they picked the one place where they wouldn’t fill any need. The rest of their draft was great, but the Bucs are going to need a year or two to get rolling, oh, and a new QB.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams 15-1

Good luck stopping them. That is all.

San Francisco 49ers 11-5

A Turnaround and a spot in the playoffs, that’s quite the story for Jimmy G and co. they drafted well, they hit free agency hard and they will come out of it a team ready to compete. They won’t beat the likes of the Rams or Eagles, but they’ll come close.

Arizona Cardinals 5-11

I like some of what the Cardinals did in the draft, but you’re going to end up with Josh Rosen too soon. With Bradford likely to get injured again (because he always does) and Glennon not really being an option, Rosen will have to come in and try to play against the bad ass defenses of the NFC. It’s a recipe for disaster but David Johnson will still win some games for the Cards.

Seattle Seahawks 3-13

It’s an all out free for all in Seattle and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Russell Wilson may as well play baseball for the Yankees for a few years, at least until his Seahawks contract expires and he can sign somewhere else. Legion of. . . doomed?



NFC division winners: Eagles, Vikings, Saints and Rams

Wild card: 49ers, Falcons

The Rams are a year wiser and better than they were last year, so are the Eagles. The Saints are still one of the best in the NFC and the Vikings are a solid team. Whoever plays the Vikings in the first round will have the best chance at an upset. The Eagles will take on the Rams in the NFC championship and the Rams will come away with it this year. Sorry Eagles, you’re one and done.



It’s the battle of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Rams vs Los Angeles Chargers. There will be riots, looting and everything else that could possibly happen before this game. In the end, Log Angeles wins. Both their teams are in the super bowl, so no matter who wins, it’ll be a reason for LA to celebrate. I’m taking the Rams this year. The Chargers fall short because nobody can stop the Rams. I mean nobody.