Saunders proves he and Lemieux are not in the same class

Billy Joe Saunders and David Lemieux was a spectacle to say the least. It was not the least bit surprising that Lemieux was out boxed, and humiliated by the much more skilled and slick in Saunders, who was comfortable in the ring. For those of us that have been following Saunders for the past few years, we have seen him look very vulnerable in fights before.

Rather it be against Chris Eubanks Jr. or Andy Lee, Saunders has shown in the past that he can struggle with pressure; but on Saturday night, Billy just seemed to be having fun.

The fight started off as some expected. Saunders was hitting Lemieux with the occasional jab and doing a masterful job of making him miss by a mile. After the first few rounds it became apparent to everyone in the arena the slugger Lemieux would need one big punch to give the fans the knock out they were desperately craving. However, the footwork of Sanders made sure that one big punch was never going to land.

After out boxing Lemieux for six rounds, Saunders got instructions from his head trainer, Dominic Ingle, to punish Lemieux and “beat him up.” Of course, that is exactly what Saunders did in the second half of the fight. While Lemieux did land a couple of decent head shots in the later part of the 11th round, Billy seemed to hit David with whatever shot he wanted to, and taunted him every time he made him miss. In the end Saunders was given a wide decision victory win, and decided to give Gennady Golovkin a callout in the post-fight interview.

After Saturday night Billy Joe Saunders proved to the boxing world that any middleweight in the world is going to struggle against him.