The end of an era for an angel

The announcement of Miguel Cotto’s final fight was met with a lot of sorrow. Having fought countless hall of fame fighters in his career has led to Miguel being a fixture in boxing history. Obviously, many fans were sad to see him go, but there is also a large segment of boxing fans
who were disappointed at the fact that Sadam Ali was the one picked to challenge Cotto in the ring for the WBO junior middleweight championship. Ali is a career welterweight and has never competed for a world title above 147, so most expected an easy win for Cotto. Ali had other

Round 1- Cotto lands a few jabs and power shots as he can time the faster, younger Sadam Ali.
However, it is apparent that Sadam Ali is causing Miguel some issue with his hand speed.
Verdict: Round 1 to Cotto. 10-9 Cotto

Round 2- Ali starts fast and is throwing heat at Miguel every chance he gets. Ali manages to
visibly hurt Miguel on two occasions. The 37-year- old Miguel Cotto cannot move laterally the
way he used to so he is a sitting duck in a lot of ways. Verdict: Round 2 to Ali. 19-19

Round 3- Ali’s speed is still giving Miguel all types of problems. Ali clearly wins the round, but
somehow Harold Lederman gives the round to Cotto. Verdict: Round 3 to Ali. 29-28 Ali

Round 4- More of the same from round 3. Ali is way too quick for Cotto and Miguel cannot
move away in time to keep Ali off him. Verdict: Round 4 to Ali. 39-37 Ali

Round 5- Not too much action, but Miguel did land some nice left hooks and right hands when
he pressured Ali back to the ropes. Verdict: Round 5 to Cotto 48-47 Ali

Round 6- Miguel is still not cutting off the ring. Instead of sliding his feet over to stay in front of
Ali, he is just following him around the ring. However, he still was more active this round and
landed the best punch of the round with a straight right that hurt Ali. Verdict: Round 6 to Cotto

Round 7- Miguel starting to cut off the ring by trapping Ali in corners, and Ali is not boxing
anymore. At this point in the fight Ali is running from Cotto and needs to earn some respect by
landing some big shots to discourage Miguel. Verdcit: Round 7 to Cotto. 67-66 Cotto

Round 8- Ali is now starting to gain Miguel’s respect by backing him up in spots and landing big
head shots. Landed a monster left uppercut that would drop most fighters. Verdict: Round 8 to
Ali. 76-76

Round 9- Sadam did not realize how hurt Miguel was and he let him off the hook by not
pressuring Miguel. Even still Ali did more in this round than Cotto. Verdict Round 9 to Ali. 86-85

Round 10- Ali is starting to unload Miguel with big combinations and Miguel’s activity level is
dropping steadily. Verdict: Round 10 to Ali. 96-94

Round 11- Again Sadam Ali is just beating on Miguel Cotto at this point. Miguel does not have
the energy to throw back and Ali is landing some really big shots. Honestly if Ali knew how hurt
Miguel was, he probably could have knocked him out in this round. Verdict: Round 11 to Ali.
106-103 Ali

Round 12- Miguel knows he needs a knockout to win. Ali is also aware of the situation is opts to
give away the last round to avoid being caught in an exchange. Verdict: Round 12 to Cotto.
115-113 Ali

Final Verdict: 115-113 Ali.