Three White Sox that need to perform in 2018

Even though wins aren't in high demand—due to the rebuilding process—these White Sox need to preform at a high level to safeguard future success. 

 Archived photo 

Archived photo 

Avisail Garcia

When the trade deadline rolls around, and teams are looking for outfielders, if Garcia is preforming his trade value will obviously rise. While there is no guarantee he'll be sent out of town, he does have a spotty past in terms of production hurting his chances to stay in Chicago. He may have batted .330 last season, but has had a batting average of .257 or less in three of his six MLB seasons, according to Baseball Reference. 

If general manager Rick Hahn is going to move on from Garcia it would be imperative that he put up good numbers, to attract a bigger haul. 


Jose Abreu 

Abrue needs to preform in more ways than one this season. Whether he gets moved at the trade deadline or not, younger players on the team need a mentor. Abreu could be just that. Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, Carlos Rodon and any prospects that finds his way into the big league club house will have their ups and downs this season, and much like a Ben Zobrist or David Ross, there needs to be players who can help them grow. 

Abreu is also someone the Sox count on to be productive, and as much as I enjoy high draft picks, losing a lot of games is never fun. 


Rick Renteria 

Yes I know Renteria is not a player, but it's foolish to think some of these White Sox players "need" to succeed. A 25-year-old Carlos Rodon or 24-year-old Tim Anderson don't "need" to put up big numbers this season, they do, however, need to show growth. 

Considering this is a rebuilding team, there aren't many older players I could really pick for this list. Do I actually believe Wellington Castillo or Joakim Soria needs to succeed for this club? No, because they are rebuilding, and losses aren't the worst thing in the world. 

With that said Renteria does need to preform. With the young, moldable talent on the team now and the prospects who could soon join, Renteria needs to work his magic.