Writer's picks: Chicago's greatest championships teams

Chicago's storied sports history stretches deep into the past. From the original six to George Halas, Chicago is a city of Champions. 

A self proclaimed sports history nut, Blaise Mesa can recite many useless facts about some of Chicago's championship runs. 

1. 1996 Bulls

The Bulls ran rampant during the regular season and ended with the 72 wins, which is the second most in NBA history. The 96’ Bulls team is often considered the best team in NBA history, and are by far the best in Chicago. Moreover, they were led by the greatest competitor in sports history, Michael Jordan.


2. 1940 Bears

You’d be hard pressed to watch a Bears game and not hear about the Monsters of the Midway. It was the 1940 Bears, led by Papa Bear Halas, who were the original Monsters. The Bears pounded the Redskins 73-0 in the championship, and were led by the greatest quarterback in Bears history, Sid Luckman. To put the cherry on top of the 1940 season, the Bears outscored the Packers 55-17 in their two regular season matchups.


3.  2005 White Sox

The most forgotten championship team of all time may have just been one of the best in Chicago sports history. The White Sox muscled their way to the World Series, and overpowered every team they came across in the playoffs. The 05’ White Sox finished the playoffs with an astounding 11-1 record.


4. 1907 Cubs

This was the Cubs first championship, and the start of baseball’s first dynasty. From 1906-1910 the Cubs won the pennant four times, and took home two World Series Championships. The Bears had the Super Bowl shuffle, but the Cubs had “Tinkers to Evers to Chance”. A poem written in 1910 by an frustrated Giants fan, after watching the Cubs dominance.


5. 1985 Bears

The 85’ Bears cruised their way to a playoff berth, and punished the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. It would soon become one of the biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history. The 85’ Bears will always live in Chicago history, and be remember as one of the dominate defenses of all time. The Bears were more than a defensive power house, they had one of the greatest all around players in NFL history, Walter Payton.

Honorable mentions, 2010 Blackhawks, 1998 Chicago Fire and 2016 Cubs


Christian Peshek is the oldest and wisest of Five Three's writers, and a die hard hockey fan. 

1. 1985 Bears

With players like QB Jim McMahon, nose tackle William “the fridge” Perry and hall of fame running back Walter Payton. The 1985 Chicago Bears were the most iconic championship team in Chicago history. The Bears had plenty of household names and plenty of fame. The ’85 Bears were the definition of ground and pound football, and will live on in Chicago’s history forever.


2. 1995/1996 Bulls

Led by the G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan, the Bulls not only dominated the regular season, but they walked away with a championship. The Bulls went undefeated, at home, during the playoffs to capture 4-2 series win over the SuperSonics. 


3. 2010 Blackhawks

The 2010 Blackhawks featured young stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who led Hawks to one of the best championship runs in Chicago history. A magical playoff run was capped off with, nail-biting overtime games, last second game winners and a little bit of luck. From this point on the Blackhawks became the pulse of the city.


4. 2016 Cubs

With solid pitching and good hitting, the Cubs won the franchise’s first world series in 108 years, and broke the infamous curse. The 2016 team gave every cubs fan hope. The Cubs looked very good throughout their season, cruised into the playoffs, and right to the world series where they beat the Cleveland Indians a nail-biting 7 game series.


5. 2005 White Sox

A team that was all but written off every year they played. The 2005 Chicago White Sox were never supposed to win the world Series. With icons like Paul Konerko, Magglio Ordonez and Frank Thomas, they finished first in the AL Central division and danced their way through the playoffs. With pitching from Mark Buehrle, Jose Contreras and Freddy Garcia, the Sox were able to sweep the Houston Astros to claim their first title since 1917.

Honorable mentions, 2015 Blackhawks, 1940 Bears and 1991-1992 Bulls