Writers' picks: biggest sports moments of 2017

This year has provided plenty of heart-warming and heartbreaking moments in sports. Great competition, great comebacks and great spectacles have been witnessed throughout the year. Before reading please be warned that this is a list of either the biggest moments in sports, or the best moments in sports according to our writers.

As a lifelong fan of baseball and football Blaise Mesa has spent his time watching games on the diamond or gridiron. 


1. Astros win World Series

After watching the Cubs take home a World Series in 2016, it was only fitting their former NL Central counterparts follow suit. Watching the Astros get their championships brought back old memories of the Cubs and Astros sitting in the cellar of the central division, with over 100 loses. It also helped that this was a World Series for the ages.


2. Super Bowl 51 goes into OT

No Super Bowl has ever gone to overtime, until Super Bowl LI. I did not enjoy watching the Patriots take home the championships and the Falcons blowing a 25 point lead, but watching NFL history right before my eyes had me extremely excited.


3. Clemson beats Alabama in NCAA Championship

Much like the NBA it seemed futile to even watch the championship game in the NCAA. Why watch when Golden State will win, or why watch when Bama takes it home every year? Thankfully Clemson would steal a win, and make college football just a little more unpredictable.


4. MLB season

I understand this isn’t just one moment, but there was just too much for me to take in. Teams like the Rockies and Twins in the playoffs, the Astros winning the World Series for the first time ever. Even the offseason brought chills with the Ohtani and Stanton sweepstakes in full effect, and Carlos Beltran’s retirement brought back memories of backyard baseball legends, like Pablo Sanchez. (Because he was the last backyard baseball player from 2003 in the playoffs)


5. McGregor v Mayweather

The “fight of the century”, whether it lived up to the hype or not, was a major moment in the 2017 sports world, and brought boxing to the center stage of, well everything. Casual and die-hard fans alike all joined forced to watch what seemed like the biggest sporting spectacle all year.

Honorable mentions, Falcons beat Packers 44-27 in NFC Championship Game,  Mitch Trubisky makes first start as Bears QB and Fire sign Bastian Schwiensteger


Jay Benson loves all things basketball and boxing, and loves watching everything on the court or in the ring. 

1. Floyd Mayweather’s stoppage win over Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. stepped into the ring to face UFC star, Conor McGregor, on Aug. 26, 2017. The showdown had all the chips on the line. Floyd Mayweather was fighting in his 50th professional boxing match, and he now had the chance to finish his career a perfect 50-0. Connor having never fought a professional round of boxing was looking to make history and take out the king of the boxing world after becoming the king of MMA. In the end, the fight played out exactly like most people thought it would, Floyd had zero respect for Connor’s boxing ability and he walked him down for nine rounds until Connor was exhausted. In the tenth round, Floyd was able to stop Connor in a brutal fashion.


2. New England Patriots’ comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons

The first half of the Super Bowl clash between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons was a show of dominance by the young and hot Falcons. They were physical, fast and cohesive as a unit and their play earned them a 25-point lead heading into half time. However, the New England Patriots led by the future hall of famer, Tom Brady, were not going down without a fight. In the second half of the game, Brady torched the Falcon’s defense and carried his team to victory. The final score was 34-28 in favor of the guys in blue and silver.


3. Colin Kaepernick appears on Time


The first time in which Colin Kaepernick, the then backup quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, decided to take a knee in protest of the oppression and injustice occurring in the United States of America was back on Aug. 14, 2016, The following year was one of great support from other NFL players and athletes across other sports and many entertainers have also shown support. Time magazine decided that the spotlight Colin has shined on social, economic and racial injustice in America has done enough to warrant him being the Time Magazine Person of the Year in 2017.


4. Houston Astros finally go all the way

The Houston Astros have been in existence for 55 years now. However, the team had never won a World Series before the one that they captured in 2017. This achievement was the culmination of hard work, team unity and passion. The hopes of the city of Houston were loud and proud. The Astros fans that had to suffer through years of losing and years of disappointment are now ecstatic to be at the top of the pile. For once in the 25 years of being a Major League Baseball team, the Astros have been recognized as the best team in the sport. This championship is a sweet taste to all of those that stuck with the team through thick and thin. Eat up Houston, you guys deserve it.


5. Russia gets banned from the Winter 2018 Olympics.

Russia has always been suspected of cheating in past Olympic events. While there has been a major buzz that Russia has paid off officials and their athletes have been using steroids for decades, there has not been any real ramifications for their actions. However, that all changed in the year 2017. Russia has now been banned from participating in the Winter 2018 Olympic Games. Russian anti-doping lab scientist, Grigory Rodchenkov, admitted to helping pass off dirty athletes as clean at the 2014 Sochi Games. In response Russia will not be allowed to compete at the 2018 Games. Instead all Russian athletes that pass the drug tests in place, will now have to compete under a neutral banner. The clean athletes of Russia cannot represent their home country at the 2018 Winter Games.

Honorable Mentions, The Golden State Warriors led by Kevin Durant dethrone King James, Anthony Joshua knocks out Wladimir Kiltschko in front of 90,000 fans and Isaiah Thomas drop 53 in the playoffs in honor of his deceased sister…only to get traded in the offseason

Christian Peshek is the oldest and wisest of Five Three's writers, and a die hard hockey fan. 

1. Pittsburgh Penguins back to back Stanley Cups

The Penguins became the first team to win back to back NHL Stanley cup championships in the new salary cap era and the first to do it since 97-98 Red Wings. Matt Murray, the Penguins goaltender, was also the first player to win two cups in his first two seasons in the NHL, both considered his rookie seasons.


2. Chicago drafts Trubisky

A stunning choice that left the Bears, their fans and everybody in the United States baffled, not only did the Bears draft Trubisky, they traded up one pick for a myriad of picks for him. The trade looked lopsided, however, the Bears may have found their quarterback of the future.


3. USA Men’s soccer team misses’ world cup for first time in 30 years

First time in 30 years the Men’s USA soccer team has failed to qualify for the World Cup. It showed the downfall of sports in the United States. They lost to Trinidad and Tobago, the 99th ranked team in the qualifier.


4. NHL’s decision to step away from the Olympics

Without the NHL stars in the Olympics, it is expected the Olympics will lose a lot of hockey fans, and fans in general. The Olympics is where the best athlete’s in the world compete against each other, and the NHL caused major controversy and almost outrage by fans.


5. Patriots erase biggest deficit in super bowl history, stun Falcons

A 28-3 lead at half for the Atlanta Falcons over the New England Patriots made it look like the Super Bowl was over. You can never count out Tom Brady and Co., who came back, forced OT and won Super Bowl 51. A miraculous feat that not only cemented Tom Brady as the GOAT but also was the single biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.


Three honorable mentions, Chicago Bears release Jay Cutler, giving hope for a brighter future, Artemi Panarin traded to Columbus Blue Jackets for Brandon Saad and Vince McMahon sells 3.34 million shares of WWE, starts new company, Alpha Entertainment, LLC. Possible second coming of the XFL?