GarPax, the two-headed monster

                Well the #BullsNegative movement I’ve been trying to get to catch hasn’t taken hold wit the masses, but it seems the Chicago Bulls have taken notice. The bulls sit at 6-22, worst in the Eastern Conference and only two games ahead of the Phoenix Suns for worst in the NBA. The Bulls cannot find a way to win and things aren’t getting any better. On December 3, 2018 the Bulls fired coach Fred Hoiberg. It’s clear that he never put it together as the head coach, but he wasn’t the only issue in Chicago.

                Nevertheless, in comes Jim Boylen, a less-than-friendly coach that was the bad cop in the Hoiberg regime. In case you missed it, the Bulls players did not take kindly to Boylen’s new leadership. Three games in and one day after the biggest loss in Bulls history, some players started a group chat that revolved around showing up for practice. Although the players showed up to practice, they told the coaches they were holding a player only meeting which was consequently followed by a team meeting. Things only got more awkward from there, as the Bulls are the laughing stock of the NBA right now. I’ll spare you the details because they are pretty sad. Not even the return of Lauri Markkanen could bring a spark to the team.

Needless to say, this regime isn’t going to be any better for the Bulls because they continue to overlook the biggest issue the team faces; Gar Forman and John Paxson. These two idiots have singlehandedly help destroy the Chicago Bulls. Think of it this way. Tom Thibodeau was a borderline great coach and because he didn’t agree with Forman and Paxson on some things, they threw him out like common street trash. To be honest that was the day I lost faith in the Chicago Bulls. It was obvious then and it’s obvious now; until the Bulls rid themselves of the toxicity thatt is “GarPax”, they will find themselves stuck in the same loop of garbage they’ve been in since “Tibs” was “let go”.

                I often get scorned for looking down on the Bulls as hard as I do but I can’t imagine things getting better until GarPax are gone. The longer we see the monster in power, the worse things will get. In case you forgot, too many players wanted out of Chicago over the years, citing GarPax as the issue. Look no further than Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade, Butler being someone to build a team around and Wade being a savvy vet, gone. A completely new regime would breathe some life into an organization that is otherwise dead in the water.

                Someone wake me when GarPax are gone and then I’ll finally turn the #BullsNegative into a #BULLSPOSITIVE.