Top Three Chicago Blackhawks so far this season!

A miracle? Maybe. At one point on Thursday night, the Chicago Blackhawks held their first lead in a game since November 18 when they defeated the Minnesota Wild. They only held their lead for less than a minute, which is indicative of how the Blackhawks season has gone since the return of Corey Crawford. We all knew the Hawks season would be tough with very few pieces added and those pieces being nothing more than bottom tier fill players.

                The Chris Kunitz signing has all but been invisible to the average Hawks fans eyes and after the Patrick Sharp miss last year, you have to wonder why the Hawks brass decided that doing the same thing was a good idea. Then there’s Cam Ward, who is way past his prime and shouldn’t be on the Blackhawks roster. I would rather see Collin Delia getting valuable NHL reps than a 34-year-old with no real place in the NHL.

                Ultimately, the Hawks season doesn’t look good and there’s a shakeup coming. Before the Hawks go into full on rebuild mode, lets look at the MVP’s of the Hawks season so far, just to keep things sunny side up!

                First and foremost, Patrick Kane. Kane currently has 34 points (15 G, 19 A) in 30 games this season. Without Kane, the Blackhawks would easily be a bottom of the league team; more so than they already are. Every night, as a Blackhawks fan, you can watch Kane get double teamed and be the focus of the opponents gameplan, but time and time again he finds ways to make magic happen the way only “Showtime” can. If you’re sick of watching the Hawks, don’t be. Patrick Kane is always playing and is a miracle to watch every night.

                Second on the list, Corey Crawford. Crawford returned from 10 months off and it looked like he never missed a beat. His statistics are a falsehood of how he’s been this year. He currently sits at 5-13-0-1 on the season with a 3.22 goals against average and .902 save percentage. Of course, the numbers don’t stick out, but if you watch the games (like I do) he plays so much better than that. I can’t remember a game where Crawford didn’t make a sprawling save to keep the Hawks in a game. The only thing you can do is stare in utter disbelief that a human being can move the way Crawford does in the net.

                Third, we’ll give it to Jonathon Toews. Toews has had a resurgent season and for the first time in five or six years, he’s fully healthy and playing like it. In 31 games, Toews has 13 goals and 11 assists for a total of 24 points. He’s been the lifeblood of this team night in and night out. Unfortunately, that hasn’t led to wins or an energy in the Hawks game, but it is great to see the captain that we drafted way back in 2006. Without the vocal leader of this team, there’s no telling where the Blackhawks would be.

                This week, the Blackhawks have fallen to the Anaheim Ducks and the Las Vegas Golden Knights and are currently in a deadlock with the Montreal Canadiens.

                Next week, the Blackhawks will take on the Winnipeg Jets twice, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks once each. Hopefully, they right this ship and get a few wins under their belt.