Green Light, Red Light: NBA Draft Editon

The NBA Draft is tomorrow, and there are a ton of interesting's prospects in this draft. Some have solidified their draft status and others that are big questions, and could be hit or miss. To help you know what guys your team should take, and what guys they should not, lets play a game of red light, green light. 

Green Light: Luka Doncic, G, Spain: Doncic might not be the most flashiest prospect we have ever seen, but man is he one solid basketball player. He is 6’7, can defend, and has a really high basketball IQ. He can shoot the three well while also being able to play make, as well as battle tested playing in a league with full grown men at just 19 years old. Doncic will most likely go number two to the Kings, but he is the best player in this Draft. 

Red Light: Michael Porter Jr., PF, Missouri: I’m not a fan of prospects who are highly rated out of high school, barley play in their one year of college because of injury and then go in the first round of the draft. That is exactly what Michael Porter Jr. has done. He only played three games at Missouri because of back surgery. Yes he was once projected as the number one overall pick, but he has major health concerns, and is really unproven. He has upside, but not worth the risk, especially if you are picking in the top five. 

Yellow Light: Trae Young, PG, Oklahoma: Ever since his first game at OU, Young has been watched by many, and questioned by many. Some think he is the next Steph Curry, others think he is just another flash in the pan. I land somewhere in the middle of all that. Young has really, really deep range and is an exceptional passer. But he is a complete liability defensively and has major turnover problems. He can be really, really good, or really bad but will probably just be a solid starting point guard in the NBA. Teams should be very cautionary when drafting this guy, because you just don't know what you are going to get. 

Green Light: Jaren Jackson Jr., C, Michigan State: This guy is going to go in the top five, the question is where. He is the perfect modern day big. He can guard multiple positions, protect the rim and stretch the floor. What ever team takes him is getting a really good player who can blossom into a great one. 

Red Light: Wendell Carter Jr, C, Duke: Okay, Carter Jr. has a lot of talent and produced at Duke. But he also has big concerns that loom large. He has a nice offensive arsenal, including being able to shoot, but lacks consistency. He is 6’11, not a great athlete and has terrible foot speed which makes him a gigantic  liability in the pick-and-roll. His offensive game is nice, but the worry is that his defensive issues will overshadow his offensive ability. 

Yellow Light: Deandre Ayton, C, Arizona: Alright, you think I'm crazy for putting arguably the best player in this draft at a yellow light. But please, before you freak out, allow me to explain. Ayton can ball offensively, and could be a star at the next level, but I don’t know if he is worth the top pick, or two for that matter. He is not a good defender, and even though he could be a solid rim protector at best, so many bigs stretch the floor that his rim protection won’t really be a factor. I like Ayton, and he can be very good, but I like other players better, especially in those top two spots. 

Green Light: Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas: This guy is absolutely off the charts. At worst, he will be an elite defender who can block shots like no other, and guard out on the perimeter. At his best? Well the sky is the limit for Mo Bamba. He is a seven footer with a 7’10 wingspan which means he will block shots, and rebound at an extraordinary level. His offensive games is till growing, but he has the ability to shoot from three, and with those long arms, he can wreck in the paint as well. Bamba is another Unicorn type player, and if he stays healthy, the future is very bright. 

Red Light: Mitchell Robinson, C, USA: Robinson did not play any competitive basketball last year. He enrolled at Western Kentucky, then two weeks later asked for a release and never enrolled at another school. At 7 feet tall he has talent, but not playing any basketball for a year is a red flag and he doesn’t seem worth the risk. 

Yellow Light: De ’Anthony Melton, PG, USC: Melton is coming out as a sophomore even though he only played one year at USC due to an FBI investigation, which is a red flag. But when he did play, he showed big time ability. He is an unselfish playmaker who can make big time plays at just 6’3. He can do almost everything you could want a player to do, except shoot, but that can be improved. Melton could be a steal in the late first round if everything pans out.