Replay does not ruin sports

Replay does not ruin sports. And if you have been tuned into the World Cup you may have seen some disgruntled fans complaining about VAR. 

VAR has been in use before the World Cup began play, but has been pushed to the for-front with replays have overturned decisions, such as giving Ronaldo a yellow card. 

FIFA has put an emphasis on VAR, a replay system similar to the NFL and MLB, during the 2018 World Cup. Up to this point the replay system has overturned calls on the field and awarded penalty kicks. 

Unlike other sports VAR is the one of the quickest replay systems in use. Reviews take approximately three minutes or less—at least during the World Cup they do. Which, for fans of the NFL or MLB would be jealous to have such a quick review system. 

Not only has the system quick, but it has been proven to be effective. VAR has a 98.6 percent accuracy rating, according to a Jan. 22 BBC article

For fans moping about the replay system you can join those with the MLB who complain about replay, which was implemented a few years ago. Granted the VAR system, like any replay system has its flaws, but it is effective and has removed controversy from the World Cup. 

But most importantly, replay does not ruin sports. 

Replay may not always improve pace of play, and may seem unnecessary at times but some of the largest non-football sports league in the World have a review system. The NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL have all gotten the memo, so it is a good thing FIFA has gotten it too. 

The VAR system is also better than the alternative option of missed calls.

Replay, especially in the World Cup, is a fail safe to ensure egregious calls were not made. To ensure an obvious missed call does not eliminate a team that spent four years of preparing for the world’s most prestigious trophy. 

Could you image the throngs of upset fans claiming the game was rigged and they have been robbed of a chance at glory due to a missed call? 

Luckily, we must not longer worry. Replay should be here to stay, and with good reason.