Cubs confidence-o-meter

With three days remaining in the 2018 season the Cubs hold a slim one game lead on the Brewers.

Even though Chicago has already clinched a playoff birth, Milwaukee enters a three-game set against the 64-94 Detroit Tigers.


Regardless of the outcome the Cubs guaranteed they will have the top wildcard spot with their 7-6 extra innings win on Wednesday.

In the expanded wildcard ERA—which began in 2012—six of the 24 wildcard teams from either league have advanced to the championship series round, including the 2014 World Series which featured two wildcard teams.

No matter how you slice it the Cubs are in a good spot to make a deep run at the playoffs. Dropping the division to the Brewers would be disheartening, but the Brewers are a good team.

Even if the Cubs were to loss the division, Jon Lester would pitch the Wildcard game at home on regular rest.

However the Cubs do plan on entering the playoffs they will do so tied with the Indians for the league lead in shutouts and top five in hits and on-base percentage.

They will not enter with their top two options in the bullpen with Brandon Morrow and Pedro Strop sidelined. However, Strop has said he can try and come back during the finals days of the regular season.

The Cubs have propelled themselves to a 90+ win season with Yu Darvish and Kris Bryant both missing large portions of the season on the disabled list.

In their absence the team have become the comebacks Cubs this season with multiple dramatic late inning wins, including two walk-off grand slams.


The Cubs have missed contribution from some players, while getting unexpected contribution from others. Such as MVP candidate Javier Baez and Jason Heyward who is having a resurgent season.

With all that said, how do the Cubs finish the season?