Cubs vs Sox: who should be more active at the trade deadline?

With the trade deadline looming, and both teams holding positions in the trade market. Which team should be more active at the deadline?

The Cubs are riding high and charge into the trade deadline with the best record in the National League. The team is near the NL lead in multiple offensive and defensive categories, according to a July 15 Five Three Sports article

On the South Side, the team sits at 33-62 which lands them fourth in the AL Central. The Sox, who enter another year in the rebuild, have yet to make a major splash in the free agent market since the trade deadline last season. The team has potentially valuable trade pieces such as Jose Abreu, Matt Davidson and a (somehow) resurgent James Shields. Yes, there are James Shields trade rumors.

With the deadline only weeks away teams will begin making moves. 




The Phillies. But if I must choose between the two Chicago teams, the Cubs don't have enough ammo to make a deep impact move. The Sox should sell sell sell, but the truth no one wants to face is that no one wants James Shields or Jose Abreu. Phillies are going to trade for Machado and Zach Britton so they are my choice here.

While the Sox have more pieces than the Cubs to trade, and just like Jake said, nobody wants what the Sox have. The Cubs are contenders, and contenders are always looking to add depth. They could use another quality starter or bullpen reassurance. Sox should focus on grooming the young talent they have. 

The Cubs are competition for a division title, and need to upgrade talent any way they can. This team has been inconsistent at times and brining in better players will obviously help them even out.   

The White Sox can afford to trade more pieces at the deadline. Rebuilds are only successful if you make as many moves as you can while the team is not competitive. With the undersaturated first base, and pitching market, they can move a couple pieces at-least. 

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